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Highest Priced Home Listing in U.S. -- $190 Million in Greenwich, Conn.

May 21st 2013 11:10PM glorious grounds - maybe originally designed by nat hess of sands point?

Tips For Saving On Cruises In 2013

Jan 8th 2013 7:59PM after a few years of fun on the carnival cruises, we were forced to try to get our money back for last year's xmas time cruise - the pools weren't heated and we had two children with us who had been looking forward to spending ALL the days in the pool/s. staff didn't care. there was an awful odor on our floor, which was finally solved the next to last day of our journey. we had four outside cabins on the main deck for our family, and the plumbing was backed up in two of them for the entire first day - another odor! and there was a banging outside two of our connecting cabins for the entire length of the ship. it was fixed the morning we arrived at ship. a cable was slapping the outside. we were unable to get carnival to reimburse us for anything. and we were returning customers for years. they ignored us and many letters and emails. just a word to the wise. carnival is collapsing.

Kate Middleton: The Family Photos

Mar 7th 2011 4:45PM those are adorable?

On the 'DWTS' Scene: Who Will Triumph in the 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale'?


Historic Jaguar C-Type to Fetch $3.7 Million in London

Sep 23rd 2010 5:33PM we scoured england back in the '70s for two '60s e-type racers, and brought them to california to rehab & race - the woo11 (coupe) and the e-gal )roadster) - gorgeous cars - gorgeous fun - we set price records in buying them - both in the 15k range, if i remember correctly. sleek, smooth and plenty of vrooom!

Speed, Style & Beauty: $760,000 Aquariva by Gucci

Sep 15th 2010 3:42PM chris - thanks for comments... however...

Top Gear is a entertainment show. The host is very funny and he happens to dislike electric vehicles, and if he wants to keep his job and sponsors, he has little choice in the matter. He did however have to write a formal and public apology for pretending the Tesla ran out of power. It in fact had 80 miles charge left at the end of the test and he faked the whole thing for dramatic affect. Please see:
The Tesla has been in production for over 2 years, has nearly 1500 vehicles on the road and has over 6,000,000 customer miles logged. The world's largest car company Toyota has given Tesla $50,000,000 to show it how to make vehicles again as did the world's oldest car company, Mercedes Benz. Both companies are now purchasing motors and batteries from Tesla to power its future vehicles, available in US showrooms next year. Toyota and Mercedes, powered by Tesla.

Fisker by contrast, was "showered with money" receiving $754,000,000 from the Gov't of tax payer's money, compared to the $430,000,000 Tesla got. The big difference here is that Fisker has 0 production cars, 0 working protypes, no finished schematics, the company they are using for their electrics have never been associated with nor produced a vehicle nor a working model and the hundreds of millions were ONLY to go to companies making ELECTRIC cars and the only car Fisker has on the board right now is a hybrid! Better yet, since the quarter billion dollar "loan" Fisker has boat a new yacht, mansion and can be seen advertising in every luxury magazine the world over, taking $50K deposits on a car it is likely to never produce. That my friend is real scam.

Tesla is made in CA, which some parts being outsourced, but the next vehicle will be made completely in CA, metal stamping on down. The Range Rover/Prius comparison is silly. Range Rovers are part Ford, part Mazda, part Jaguar. That car is a far bigger mut than the Prius.

Manual transmissions, and transmissions in general are obsolete. They are old technology designed for vehicles that have power and torque curves. They require servicing, fluid changes, seal replacements and need to be replaced or rebuilt. Electric motors have 100% torque at all RPMs, that is why the Tesla has no transmission.

Most Tesla owners power their cars with 100% solar power. Think about it. 250 miles on a charge, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. It takes 3 hours to fully recharge it if you have gone 250 miles, otherwise you can just top it off nightly like a cell phone. No oil changes, no oil spills. one $600 annual service for a firmware update. Pretty simple.

Speed, Style & Beauty: $760,000 Aquariva by Gucci

Sep 14th 2010 11:43PM pity it's not electric. like tesla. eco-delicious va-va-vavoom, as raymond pettibon might sketch...

Speed, Style & Beauty: $760,000 Aquariva by Gucci

Sep 14th 2010 11:41PM too bad it isn't eco/electric. like the dynamite tesla!


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