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What is 'The Cloud'?

Jun 16th 2012 8:31AM Totally agree.

Weird monument in Wales has interesting history

Dec 7th 2011 9:12AM Try McCaig's tower, overlooking Oban harbour. An unfinished attempt to alleviate poverty in the town.

Lewis Hamilton wants longer national anthem to bask in his racing-based glory

Jul 26th 2011 9:26AM Well said Derek. A few weeks ago he was close to dumping McLaren, blaming the car or other drivers.Now he wins and it's all about him.
The anthem length is a blind - he just wants more time for self adulation.

Being a Herts Chap myself I'm actually a huge fan of his - he's in the class of Senna - but he needs to grow up;and quickly.

Come back Dad, all is forgiven.

Funniest last words, deathbed witticisms

Jul 17th 2011 11:45AM Alledgedly he shot Tonto when he finally found out what 'Kimosabe' meant.

Funniest last words, deathbed witticisms

Jul 17th 2011 9:46AM The Duchess of Beaulieu : "It's all been VERY interesting"

Ned Kelley,as they turned him off : "Such is life".

Making Cars in the Great Lakes: Inside Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant

Jun 8th 2011 6:13AM "(A tip: When touring the plant, one steps over the drive-chains running through channels in the floor.)"

"One"? Who does Paul Brady think he is? The Queen?
An incongruous word from an, inevitably, poorly annunciating American.

And he obviously thinks that AOL members are idiots.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 5:04PM COMPLETE RUBBISH. The March unemployment rate the in the UK was 7.8% vs 8.8% for the USA.

Don't confuse unemploymebnt rates with EMPLOYMENT rates, which cover the whole population, including under 16's and pensioners.
The EMPLOYMENT rate in the UK in March was 78% i.e. a TOTAL of 22 % not working . In the USA it was 64 % i.e. a TOTAL of 36 % NOT working
And as for currencies , why do you think thet the price of gold has rocketed? Answer : Because the world no longer trusts the US$.

If you're going to slag my country please get your facts right before you do.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 3:24PM Yes they do. And every hotel in London is booked solid.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 3:21PM From a one-time Londoner, the rhyming slang story is basically rubbish.
Where used it is specific to East London, not the UK. Also it is very rarely heard these days except in dreadful soap operas e.g. "East Enders", where it, supposedly, gives a veneer of authenticity..

One that I bet nobody gets : "Harry" . (= cigarette.)
If someone does get it then they are a true Cockney.

27-litre Rover SD1 packs 600bhp punch

Apr 3rd 2011 9:39AM Yes, the Meteor was a derated Merlin - no supercgarger - designed for use in tanks.

I think it went into the Centurion, at least.


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