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Air Travel Is Actually Really Cheap Now, Compared To The 1950s

Aug 1st 2013 9:27PM I flew quite often in the late 50's and early 60's and I can truly say that flying back then was a pleasure. Men often wore suits or slacks and a sports jacket and women wore dresses, hats and gloves. When going by air travel back then, you did dress up. The same went for cruises. You never showed up at the port in jeans and or shorts. That was reserved for on board the ship while sitting around the pool or when reaching your port of call destination that allowed a very relaxed way of dressing. Even train travel of those years was elegant. The lower class of travel was on a bus, either Greyhound or Trailways (the two top bus carriers at the time).
When you flew somewhere back then, you were treated like a Lady or Gentleman. Stewardesses as they were called back then had to speak a second language and most were college grads. It was not until the late 70's and early 80's that things started to change and NOT for the better. I remember taking a flight on Eastern Airlines from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale and could not believe how the Flight Attendant was dressed. She had her uniform on, but it was badly wrinkled and had stains all over it. Had that happen on another airline, that person would have been grounded! After that, instead of flying on Eastern, I started flying on Northeast. Their slogan was "Come On Down", as they had huge savings for the New York to Florida corridor.
It was not often, but there were times when I would fly First Class and in those days you knew by the way you were treated that you were a First Class Passenger. Now, the only difference is the price of your ticket.
Sad to say, but unless you are flying with an Airline such as Cathay Pacific and going from New York to Vancouver, BC or China; great service has gone by the wayside. I have only travelled Coach on Cathay Pacific, but they still believe in Customer Service and make every passenger feel special. If I could, I most certainly would fly First Class or Business Class with them as the ammenities they offer are wonderful. But like I said, even if flying Coach, you are still treated like a special passenger. They still offer service with a smile and complete politeness.

Looks Like Jessica Simpson Did Buy Osbourne Home in Hidden Hills, Calif.

Feb 16th 2013 8:32PM The house you are referring to which was in the show which had all the Osbournes was sold previously to Christina Aguilera back in 2007. Here is the quote from the article above....." But it seems that the couple can't resist selling to blonde bubble-gum pop stars. Remember: They sold their Beverly Hills home -- featured in "The Osbournes" -- to Christina Aguilera back in 2007".

I could understand making that error had the article NOT mentioned that fact, but you make yourself look illiterate making a comment when in fact the correct information was directly in the article above.

I guess you did not do so great when it came to reading comprehension in grade school.

An Exclusive Look At The View From America's Tallest Hotel Building

Aug 26th 2012 5:53AM Stayed in a suit or a "suite"? You can actually stay in both, but one is a clothing item and the other a room type!

My guess is that is the first time ever, (if you were a guest in one), or you would not be making a big deal.

There are all kind of "suites". Ones you can get for under a hundred a night and then some that can cost you 10 grand or better a night. Staying in a "suite" is nothing spectacular. But pair that up with the type of service and the actual place, then I might go ooh and aah. When the suite you are staying in has it's own butler service and concierge with car and driver avaibale at your beck and call.........then let us know.

Meet the coldest cities in America

Jan 27th 2012 5:06AM LOL.............This writer thinks that 9 feet of snow in Caribou, Maine each season is a lot. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I guess he better go back and do some research because in South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, Nevada they get that sometimes in one week !!!!

Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours

Nov 23rd 2011 4:55PM How come the overweight passenger was not required to purchase TWO seats due to his girth? There is a rule, that if you cannot fit into the seat without placing the arm rest up and fastening the seatbelt------then you must purchase an extra seat.

The person who had to stand for the trip not only should receive a refund, but two First Class Round Trip Tickets to fly anywhere that this carrier goes with NO restrictions.

Now the most important aspect-------How many rules did US AIRWAYS violate per FAA by allowing this passenger to stand the entire flight and not be able to utilize a seatbelt?

A full investigation by the FAA should be done.

Quite frankly, this is why I refer to this airline as US SCARE instead of US Airways!!!!

'Wild One' Actress Mary Murphy Dies at 80

May 17th 2011 3:10AM It must be really difficult being so perfect! I bet you never ever made a mistake.

10 Ridiculous, Over-the-Top Graduation Cakes

May 15th 2011 2:34PM The writer of this article really needs a primer in what is considered over the top and so-so boring! NOT ONE of these cakes is over the top. If you have been to any weddings lately, including Baby and/or Wedding Showers or heck, little kids birthday parties, the designs of all tehse cakes have been seen hundreds of times. the ONLY thing that makes them different is the color of choice or the decorations. Sorry, but I think this writer is living under a rock and needs to get out socially more often. They are missing alot. Better yet, watch the Food Netowrk and Cake Wars.

Whitney Houston Enters Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol

May 9th 2011 9:10PM Whitney, who??????

The only Whitney Houston I know of is a HAS BEEN! A girl who had talent but decided that being trash was more to her liking!

Sad to say, but I am surprised she is still alive. Her daughter is now 18 and look at the problems she is getting into. Goes to prove that old saying, "The Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree".

Royal Wedding: Street Style [PHOTOS]

Apr 30th 2011 3:32PM Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do respect yours. However, in all fairness you are the ONLY person whom I have read about or personally spoken with or heard commentary that thinks the dress was horrid!

That dress was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and it befitted the occassion and The New Duchness of Cambridge place in society!

If you go back in time, look at both the Wedding Dresses of Grace Kelly who became Princess Grace of Monaco and the Wedding Dress of Queen Elizabeth.

The dress of the Duchess of Cambridge is a modern rendition of those two dresses combined.

The Designer who crafted that dress did a remarkably wonderful job of producing a dress befitting Catherine Middleton who walked into Westminster Abbey a commoner and walked out The Duchess of Cambridge! Perhaps your lack of Pomp, Circumstance and Proctocol hinder your idea of what type of dress Royalty is befitting of!

Royal Wedding: Street Style [PHOTOS]

Apr 30th 2011 3:28PM Tammy, with all due respect I disagree with you 100%. The invited Guest to the Abbey were dressed very appropiately for the time of day and the venue of the Nuptials.

As for the Hats, to most people yes they do seem extreme. However here in the States hats are NOT a big part of any outfit and what we are not use to seeing, we often find odd. If you lived in Great Britain, you would be very use to seeing various styles of hats and probably would have found many of these to be "boring". A true show of that is the Races at Ascot which the closest thing here in the States to compare would be the Kentucky Derby.

You really must take into consideration that in the UK they are very proper on Pomp & Circumstance and thus do things very different than we would do here in The States. That being said, what we are not use to doing, we often find ourselves thinking how odd others are when in fact they are saying the same about us. I am sure they feel that the way we dress at many functions such as a formal wedding is outlandish. How many people have you seen wear a gown for a daytime wedding? Guest would never think of that in other places. That is why there is often the term "After Five Attire" or "Formal Attire".

So although I do respect your sole opnion, I do not agree with it as customs and taditions here are NOT what they are elsewhere and that we SHOULD ALL RESPECT!


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