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Ancient port discovered in Egypt

Aug 1st 2011 8:21AM Whiteguy seems to be one of those 'whitepeople', who never evolved past racism. For your information, most of the black populated countries are led by poorly organized political systems that oppress most of the people. One African president was found guilty of having his wife cash in hoards of gold, meanwhile millions of their people were starving and war was raging, no food could be delivered, or water or medical help.
I have known many a scholar with black skin and many with other colours of skin that could prove that you my dear are the uneducated one, and certainly never to become a rocket scientist. Just a racist bigot with a pea brain.

Royal Wedding Celebrity Guests [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 10:03AM A horses face is much to sweet to compare Camilla Deville, I would think a bulls ass.

Renée Zellweger Wears See-Through Shirt to Dine With Bradley Cooper and His Mom

Jun 14th 2010 11:11AM She seems to be revealing something on her shoulders too! Could it be an extra pair of bra covered boobs? Does one think that perhaps she may be wearing another shirt under that one?, or.....maybe that was the way the shirt was made!

Chinese Girl, 3, Smokes Cigarettes and Drinks Beer After Terrible Traffic Accident

Jun 11th 2010 9:35AM Most Chinese beer is made from rice, sometimes with a lesser alcohol content, especially homemade which is probably what it is. 3 glasses is what was stated, how large are the glasses? We dont know. It is often served to children of developing countries for nutritious purposes, something american beer has little of. It helps to keep constipation at bay, among other uses.


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