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Video: South African biker saves calf from drowning

Oct 24th 2011 4:33PM Looks like he was pretty far off down the road. Shepherd was probably still trying to find him.

Deformed Pit-Bull Puppy Nursed Back to Health

Sep 23rd 2011 7:51PM And anyone that lets animals run around, procreate and subsequently starve because there's not enough room for all of them should just be shot.

Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Dress Available in Stores This November

Aug 19th 2011 9:04PM "The cost of the dress has not been revealed, but the press release says "it will be priced in line" with other Alfred Angelo dresses."

So in other words expect to pay at least about 5 grand for this puppy. Or has Alfred Angelo lost its place among the hierarchy of wedding dress makers in the last few years?

Should You Give Up Alcohol When You Hit 45?

Jun 26th 2011 3:27AM Wow...not everyone is that stupid.

Taste Test: 10 Veggie Burgers for Grilling

May 29th 2011 3:46PM I'm not a vegetarian but on occasion I like meatless burgers and while they aren't quite like eating meat they still taste pretty good. Well, unless they've been in your freezer for more than 6 months. I dunno about anyone else but they get freezer burn after that and are NOT tasty.

Arizona High School to Charge Students $25 to Graduate

May 27th 2011 10:05PM Didja read the part where it's waived for students who can't pay?

Trend Alert: Ribbon Sandals

May 14th 2011 8:23PM Can you imagine that thing just flopping around on your foot every time you take a step? Ridiculous.

The Truth Behind Olive Garden's "Tuscan" Cooking School

May 1st 2011 1:25PM Yeah I bet they had a great experience. Do they remember half of it?

The Truth Behind Olive Garden's "Tuscan" Cooking School

May 1st 2011 1:21PM have three degrees and can't even grasp that it's "bandwagon" and not "ban wagon"?

The Truth Behind Olive Garden's "Tuscan" Cooking School

May 1st 2011 1:20PM No kidding. When hubby and I realized that we could easily get a better meal with better ingredients for about the same price at one of the locally owned restaurants we stopped going. My mom can tell me about how real their food used to be (the pasta was apparently actually made in front of the customers at some point) and says that its sad how it's changed.


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