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Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours

Nov 23rd 2011 10:32PM I have never been asked my weight when booking a flight and I doubt an obese person is going to say, by the way, I am over 400 lbs and will squish the passenger sitting next to me so I think I should pay for and occupy 2 seats.

Are Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Close to Becoming a Couple?

Jun 22nd 2011 4:36PM until DNA testing shows that Charles is not Harry's father, I will continue to believe that Diana had sex twice with Charles and got pregnant both times.
As far as Happy and Pippa being a couple or not,,,is their business

Dolly Parton Never Wears the Same Outfit Twice

May 29th 2011 8:41PM people, it's her money. she can do with it what she wants

Andrew Morton: 'Catherine and Pippa Are Very Competitive'

May 19th 2011 10:03AM What if Pippa (is that her real name) married Prince Harry????

Pippa Middleton's Glamorous Green Royal Wedding Reception Dress

Apr 30th 2011 12:39PM ANNE,,,,,,,STFU and stop being jealous....

Angelina Jolie's New Tattoo Sparks Adoption Rumors

Apr 6th 2011 10:27AM She can adopt as many children that she wants but why deface her body with tattoos???

Surprise Proposal

Mar 31st 2011 5:10PM I'm sorry, but,,an engagement should be a private moment between the 2 people involved not a tv audience

Frito-Lay Gives Its Snacks an "All Natural" Makeover

Mar 25th 2011 8:44PM EWWWWWWW to using LARD. Lard is pork fat,,gross.
As far as salt...they could use 1/2 the amount.
I rather have no salt in my chips and pretzels.

Michael Lohan Admits to Booking Lindsay on 'Letterman'

Feb 16th 2011 6:15PM Any wonder why Lindsay Lohan is messed up in the head....Guess the nut did not fall far from the tree.

Jennifer Lopez Legs and Beauty Secrets

Feb 6th 2011 1:19PM "It's something sexy about shaving your legs,",,,Where did she go to school ????????


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