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'Apprentice' Spy: Star Got Own Dressing Room; Jose and Dionne 'Bad Sports'

May 24th 2011 4:12PM Best Apprentice EVER! Put those egos together and add in a little brain damage and it makes for a hoot of show. All in all...the best one won....but it was a gas watching it all unfold.

Royal Wedding Celebrity Guests [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 8:36AM Hey have to click on these to actually see them......guess you were interested enough to do that huh???

Luxist Giveaway: Win A Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Nov 9th 2010 10:54AM Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree....
How much you call to me!
Your beauty and your granduer
Just make me want to sing.

That's probably not a good idea
"Cause everyone would run...
Then it would be just me and you
Left to have the fun.

However that might not be so bad...
Then I wouldn't have to cook!
You and I could sing that song
And I could read a book!

So come to me dear Christmas tree
and we will celebrate together
while everyone else...who ran away
will be left out in the weather!!!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Erin Andrews, Then Cries

May 5th 2010 4:16PM The View is the most annoying and totally stupid show ever allowed on the network. All the women (including Barbara) are ignorant and sad. The network needs to wise up and kick them all off the air. I have never watched an entire's simply too annoying.


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