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Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 6th 2013 1:21PM Blow it out your ear. It is your responsibility as a potential homeowner in any particular association to make sure there are rules you don't like. Once you buy in, it is assumed you have read, understood and AGREE with all the rules.

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 6th 2013 1:18PM If you don't like something your HOA or Condo Board of directors is doing, then do something about it. People like to complain about this and that, but never do anything about it. If you don't like how your community is governed, there is one simple solution, VOLUNTEER. During the next round of elections, put your name in the hate as a potential board member. This is the problem with all these whiney residents. They make complaints but never do anything about it. HOA's and boards of directors are not dictators, they are there to enforce current rules and regulations and/or add or modify them as conditions change. If you don't like to follow rules and regulations, then you should live elsewhere. The burden of responsibility is on the homeowner to make sure there isn't any particular rule they don't like and can't live with.

Landlord Ron Kronenberger Allegedly Whips Tenant With Belt Over Unpaid Rent

Feb 24th 2013 3:04PM This story sounds very kinky. Obviously there is more here than meets the eye.

Occupy Our Homes Launches TV Ad Campaign to Fight Foreclosures

Aug 16th 2012 10:50PM No one wants to see someone's home taken from them. But some people don't want to help themselves at all. I live in a condo complex and I am also on the board of directors for the condo association. I see it time and again the fully employed deadbeats who simply don't want to pay their common fees. Who is going to pay the bills? Is it fair that one person who refuses to pay, now shifts his financial obligations to other residents? The courts are very sympathetic to the homeowner but in the mean while someone else is paying his bills. If you can't pay your bills, look for work non stop, if you have a job, get a second job or a third, collect bottles and cans to turn in for deposit.


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