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How to Slim Your Stomach in Spring and Summer Styles

Mar 28th 2011 9:38AM It's pretty stupid to TRY to look anything but what you are. It shows me they have no self confidence. If your fat and don't like it, do something about it. You can never hie it because it will always be there. Like stuffing a bra with paper. then the guy is turned off when he gets a hand full of it., Be who you are, then if people don't like you, it is there problem not yours.

Why Did TSA Pat Down Kids, Adults Getting Off Train?

Mar 1st 2011 9:47AM It ia amazing how stupid people can be...You people who complain about this will be the 1st to jump all over everyone if an attack occurs. I can hear you now!!! Where was the TSA the feds the Government in protecting us...... These people are out there putting there lives on the line to protect your sorry ares. Give it a break, IF you have nothing to hide then everything is fine.

Seven Tips for a Magically Slimmer Waist

Dec 20th 2010 10:37AM Charla Krupp, style expert...... Your nothing but a FAKE to me. Tell them the truth go on a diet period. Or just be yourself and let people decide for them selfs if your being fat makes a difference. Telling people how to hide what they really are is deception plain and simple. And if you were any kind of pro, you;d now that. Gee doctor i am OK< since you want to lie and hide the fact that i have cancer and will die in a few months. geez thanks i needed that lol Telling people how to hide who they are is WRONG....

Seven Tips for a Magically Slimmer Waist

Dec 20th 2010 10:12AM Help them what????? become FAKES and lie... You are who you are. I happen to like a woman with nice Boobs. I don't want to take a bra off and find air. If i seen her and she had no boobs and i liked her, then it would be sincere. But faking what someone looks like is down right wrong and deceptive, not to mention it shows they have no confidence in them selves.
You either like me for who and what i am or you don't. That's the real world not some fantasy. OH wait, Ill take my ring off so i look like a very hansom single man, lol give me a break lol

Seven Tips for a Magically Slimmer Waist

Dec 20th 2010 10:05AM Why try to hide it, Be a real person and except the fact that your fat and go lose the weight. When will people start taking responsibility for there over weight problem. HIDE IT ??? lol What a joke. If you need to hide your fat because you think it will make you look better and make others happy, then your living in denial.

Katy Perry & Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 - Akon, Angels, & More

Dec 1st 2010 10:29AM It isn;t hate or bashing when making a comment about how skinny and ridiculous they look. You said it yourself there skinny.. Everyone has a right to view them and give them own opinions without some MORON trouble maker like you coming in and calling it bashing. Get a friggin life you liberal moron. THEY look ridiculous to me and should be in the ice capades or monster movie. This is suppose to be a fashion show, not a surprise party clothes sale.


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