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Must read e-book: Fatal Voyage, the Wrecking of the Costa Concordia

Mar 17th 2012 9:34AM Having been on a Caribbean cruise on Costa's Carla C in the 70's I can say that this cruise was the nastiest we were ever on. The ship was old and not the cleanest. It had the the worst crew right down to the maitre'd. The food was some of the nastiest and unappealing garbage that we've ever had on any of the six cruises we travelled. We've cruised on Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines (2 times), Royal Caribbean (2 times) and also on Celebrity Cruise Lines' Zenith, which was also not a great cruise line. Don't understand how Costa is still able to entice cruisers

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 10:42AM I must admit that I got a chuckle out of "...spent the night in a helicopter".

Katie and Matt Still Have 'It' in 'TODAY' Reunion

Apr 13th 2011 6:50PM Their writers are busy raising campaign funds for their idol Obama. Ugh, not another four years of him!

Katie and Matt Still Have 'It' in 'TODAY' Reunion

Apr 13th 2011 6:44PM Just another reason not to watch NBC, ABC, or CBS. Two leftie losers reuniting to sing Obama's "praises".

Decision 2012: Katie Couric and Ricki Lake to Duke It Out for Daytime Slot?

Mar 17th 2011 10:04AM Lotsa luck to them both. Both are libs? Well, well. Do these two libs realize that 2012 brings us another election and another chance to undo this present administration's America-killing policies. Would just love to see both of these leftwing liberal "ladies" should a Republican administration grab the White House.

Charlie Sheen's Kids Taken Away by the Police

Mar 2nd 2011 9:34AM Sheen is a loose cannon! His rants make no sense. Taking away those children was a good first step but now authorities should step in and get him some needed therapy before he does something harmful.

Charlie Sheen to CBS: 'We're at War'

Feb 28th 2011 9:38AM Wow, this guy is as nutty as a fruitcake. I watched him ranting in an interview on TV and wasn't sure about what he was ranting about. He's a poor example of an actor, a husband and a father. Time for him to get professional help and stop claiming that he has cured himself of coke and alcohol. What a beauty he is!

White House Economist Austan Goolsbee Predicts Growth in 2011

Jan 24th 2011 10:47AM When AOL asked Mr. Goolsbee some of his thoughts he said:

"AOL Jobs Asks
Austan Goolsbee

AOL: What was your first job?

"I priced comic books at the Ames Used Bookstore in Whittier, Calif."

I think we should send him back to his comic books. He's another joker!

White House Economist Austan Goolsbee Predicts Growth in 2011

Jan 24th 2011 10:40AM James ... what position do you occupy in the Obama administration? You must be another Foolsbee!

Arianna Huffington in Airplane Blackberry Flap

Jan 12th 2011 8:58AM Good for you, Annie. If you no longer care to fly because you can't text, just by your absence the flying public will all be safer!


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