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Town Finds 'God Bless America' Signs in Violation, Threatens Fines

Oct 5th 2013 10:35AM This should not be a big deal. The sign law was in place previous to this year's "holiday signs", so must be honored. If the law needs changing, so be it, but that's the only recourse the man has. Fox news is at it again--trying to make something out of nothing!!

Gun Owner Sean Blakley Says Landlord Is Evicting Him Over Firearms

Mar 17th 2013 5:04PM Why would anyone be stupid enough to advertize that he had a gun collection? Sure you can have them, but keep it to yourself out of common sense.

Redditor Beth Robinson Posts Security Camera Video of Robbery at Her Home

Jan 3rd 2013 10:53AM Other than smash the door casing and snoop around looking for valuables, they really didn't do much damage, did they(?) Was this worth expensive toys to guard against? I don't think so.

Soldier Flies American Flags Upside-Down to Protest Obama's Re-Election

Dec 3rd 2012 9:23PM Wow--there sure must be a lot of "imbeciles" out there--it must be comforting to know you're not one! Would it bother you in future years to read that historians rated Pres. Obama much better than you did? I've been around since FDR and consider him at least average--with four whole years to do better. Stop being so negative--you've apparently made Fox news and Rush Limbaugh your idols, rather than consign them to the trash heap as most others have.

Hurricane Sandy Victims' Electric Bills Show Charges for Power Despite Blackout

Nov 28th 2012 12:47PM If money was owed before the power went out pay it! When the lights went out, there is no charge untul it returns. SIMPLE!

Squatters in Littleton, Colo., Couple's Home Refuse to Vacate Despite Judge's Ruling

Aug 5th 2012 12:30PM They did nothing wrong except stupidly thinking they could buy a house for $5000. Whatever the gov't squeezes out of that realtor should go toward that lost money.

U.S. Construction Spending Hit 2.5-Year High in May

Jul 2nd 2012 1:53PM Great that the builders are working, but I'd like to see more done to rehabilitate houses in older neighborhoods that are begging for buyers.

A Balcony With Swimming Pool? To Infinity and Beyond

Apr 8th 2012 12:56AM An absolutely ridiculous idea! Was it built for shock value? How could anyone relax and enjoy their soak knowing death is only a few feet away?

Conn. Town Builds Home for Wounded Marine

Mar 27th 2012 4:34PM I know many opportunities to buy homes for $1.00--some are right in my mobile home park, and some are even furnished. The park owner asks only that you make improvements to the unit making it worth at least $3000 after one year-(this is the lot-rent price). If I didn't already have a place here, I'd definately consider it--it's a nice little park in Lakeland, Fl. attn: Clyde Wison

Kensington Palace Reopens to Public After a Royal Makeover

Mar 26th 2012 12:19PM It looks like a 1930s American High school.


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