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James Arness, Iconic 'Gunsmoke' Lawman, Dead at 88

Jun 3rd 2011 2:55PM It's really sad to see all of my childhood heros go away but at least in this case perhaps he can have Graves next to his brother... ba-da-bum.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 5:14PM Harry -- from Harry Hoofter = Poofter = Gay guy; you suck on a cigarette and there you go.

Alec Baldwin Tells Charlie Sheen: 'Take a Nap, Get a Shower, Sober Up'

Mar 12th 2011 11:55AM Hmm -- maybe he should run for President...?

10 Movies to Watch on New Year's Eve

Dec 31st 2010 5:43PM I'll be settling in to the classics with a full run of the Marx Brothers films on Turner. I grew up watching these on N Y Eve and can't wait!

Dina Lohan Felt 'Ambushed' By Matt Lauer: Friend

Aug 13th 2010 1:22PM Don Corrado Prizzi said it best; "Charely, please - remove this pebble from my shoe..."

Opinion: Bottle Up the Bad-Mouthing and Leave Suri Cruise Alone

Apr 20th 2010 3:15PM AMEN! Just leave them alone to raise their child as best they can. Both of the parents are very hard working professionals and are perfectly OK. Their religious preference is THEIR business, not ours, as we would not want them laying their's on us. Just leave it alone says I.

Anderson Cooper Is Not Afraid To Get His Hands Dirty

Mar 17th 2010 1:33PM Class Act All The Way! I just can't see how not to admire the guy.

Neil Patrick Harris' 'Idol' Goal: 'Shatter the Dreams of Thousands!'

Jan 28th 2010 8:04AM Possibly, but they do spell better than you ttrexxx. It's they're, not their.

Arnold Stang, voice of Top Cat, dead at 91

Dec 24th 2009 10:35AM He also did the 'Chunky' chocolate commercials back in the 50/60's. He was always funny. RIP

Rev. Fred Phelps: 'God Hates Lady Gaga'

Dec 23rd 2009 6:27PM And we hate you too 'Rev.' Phelps. Why not put your dentures in backwards and chew your head off!


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