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Tenants' Rights in Eviction: When Do Landlords Go Too Far?

Feb 5th 2013 7:30PM Poor lady. It is time for Meals on Wheels.

Multigenerational Homes: Real Estate's Next Big Thing as More Families Share a Space

Nov 25th 2012 9:33PM Other cultures have been doing that for years.

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 6:31PM They don't live in separate or their own home. There is such a thing as having respect for others. People work hard who wants to come home to that. I personally get annoyed when I go out to shop or eat and some kid is making a lot of noise. The worse part is the stupid parent are right there and let carry on. Just because they are used to the screaming and hollering doesn't mean that others have to deal with it.

Makeover Diaries: From Makeup Virgin to Va-va-voom


Chase Closes in on Too-Sexy Banker

Jun 8th 2010 8:29AM Womencan be immature, will harressyou and get you fired. I am not a beauty queen. But I worked at place were the women harressed me to no end. I changed my cubicle three times and when I looked up their they were. The worst part was that they were married and in their relationships. But was worried and jealous that I would hook up a guy that liked me. I work elsewhere now and the guy is one of my best friends.

Chase Closes in on Too-Sexy Banker

Jun 8th 2010 8:22AM How can you say she it not bright. You don't know her educational background. She must have some smarts they hired her.

Chase Closes in on Too-Sexy Banker

Jun 8th 2010 8:17AM Employers are firing people for the dumbiest thing. I was terminated because the person I worked with fell asleep. The person in charge said I should have know that the person was going to fall asleep. I agree with her something has to be done. I think they fired her because she was Latino. Also there are a hits being made on Latinos and people of Color since Obama came to power.

CariDee English Reveals Pictures of Her Painful Battle with Psoriasis: '70% of My Body was Covered'

Jun 7th 2010 4:37PM Dermatologist should do a better job and share this kind of information with patients their patients that are suffering. Having a breaks in skin integrity leaves the person at risk for all kinds of dieseases. I know a person with Psoriasis and contracted MRSA , Methicillin Resisitance Staph four times. :(

Claudia Schiffer in Dark Makeup and Afro - Offensive or Edgy?

Jun 4th 2010 12:41PM She is wearing a white powered face and white hair too. So what. I am Africian American

Tough California Law Targets 'Babies'

May 9th 2010 9:26PM If the kid is up and not suffering any harm what is the big deal about taping the film. God knows that they keep us up all night.


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