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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 11:45AM What is that thing sticking out on the side.Looks like the dress material is sure not wrinkle resistant.Where did this girl come from any way? Who is she?

Melania Trump on Donald's Legs, Hatred of Shorts and Reverse Courtship

Apr 22nd 2011 2:58PM Please tell me that thing will not be 1st LADY? She looks like something out of mad magazine.Can she smile ? UG Dona;d has forgotten her all sprawled out on the Presidents Rug with her legs open waiting for WHO?

Melania Trump Wants to See Obama's Birth Certificate: 'Does He Have It?'

Apr 22nd 2011 2:49PM Sounds like you and Bubble head Melanie and hubby need to get togeather as none of you know what you are talking about!

PETA Offers to Help Pay Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Bill

Oct 28th 2010 9:32PM If Peta gives her one dime I am thru with them. She is a liar let her pay her own bills or go to the county rehab.Who does she or Peta think she is.Does Peta realize how many desering homeless animals can be saved> I doubt if she eats, she is a crack head remember.

Lindsay Lohan Update: UCLA Doctors Recommend Shorter Rehab Stay

Aug 20th 2010 2:16PM I know people taht have had to serve the time and alot more of it. Her next step will be to kill some one in an accident. Her poor Mother will be dressed in black crying and trying to figure out what went wrong. The LL will get another 13 days. I say the Judge was rail roaded, the second one will be paid off, the attorney laughing all they way to the bank.LL will be picked up in a Limo by her self centered Mother, they'll get new hiar do, make up and clothes and go to town celebrating. Shame on the Legal system who is doing such a mis justice to the rest of the honest people.

Gloria Allred & Joslyn James to Tiger: Apology Unaccepted!

Apr 19th 2010 12:16PM Gloria has lost all respect as an attorney and alot op people agree/ Give me a break, a porn star at her age how does she know who got her pregnant and if she isn't old enough to know how not to get pregnant she needs to learn. She is so ugly anyway, with her pointed nose I doubt is he was that hard up. Shame on you Gloria , you have sunk to the bottom.


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