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Sources say Bradley Cooper all but telling J Lo. 'I'm into you'

Oct 20th 2011 10:17PM I THINK Santa Claus!

La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered ... His Kids Have 'Nothing'

Jul 3rd 2011 10:14PM We ONLY have La Toya's word that MJ,told her "People" were going to kill him. She wrote a book that SURPRISE came out just in time for his death date.Who would know the kids were MJ's,when out in public?

And They're Off: William and Kate Arrive In Canada (Photos)

Jun 30th 2011 11:36PM We care because he's Princess Diana's baby,and the World's John F. Kennedy Jr.

Friend: George Clooney Dumped Elisabetta Canalis

Jun 23rd 2011 11:16PM Wheres Jennifer Anniston? Lets see: Georg-iston,George-Ann. Cloon-iston.

Brad Pitt Gets A Visit From His Girls (Photo)

Jun 22nd 2011 1:50PM They are ADORABLE!!!!

Jennifer Aniston Sheer-ly Shows It All Off (Photo)

Jun 22nd 2011 1:48PM ATTEN: ALERT !!!She will stop at NOTHING to be in the limelight.

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis Split

Jun 22nd 2011 1:41PM WHAT is WRONG with George Clooney? I doubt if he'll get married on his DEATHBED!! He ONLY dates women who seem to seek the publicity of being on his arm. Georgie,unless you PLAN on SUPER-GLUING the women to your side,how about some ALONE TIME?

Bachmann Blasts Obama: "Failed the African-American Community"

Jun 21st 2011 9:42PM She WILL NEVER turn African American's AGAINST this President.I think she should worry about HELPING the poor: whites ,blacks,hispanic etc.,in her hometown . We all KNOW THEY are using her to push Sarah Pale-ing,out of the running.

Stevie Wonder's Legacy Revisited At The Apollo

Jun 14th 2011 5:25PM I agree. Those who LOVE Stevie Wonder raise your hands,I raised mine!!


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