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James from Texas

James from Texas

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'Project X' Copycat Revelers Allegedly Wreck $500,000 Home

Mar 15th 2012 3:52PM The law of restitution should be implemented immediately. The $100,000 in repairs is the start; the loss of ability to sell the house should be charged, and every dime should be paid.
The teenagers and their children's parents should have a judgment place on their homestead until such time as the payment is made in full.
After that the teenager should be placed on 5 years probation until such time as they are restored to full citizenship.
This juvenile justice "Just Kids" is bogus treatment. Punishment that extracts a heavy penalty for some years may not stop the crimes but these teenagers will learn "crime does not pay."

Houston Passenger Brought Loaded Pistol on Plane

Dec 17th 2010 9:48AM Janet N[apoleon] and John [Slow Draw] Pistole and our past and present Home In[Security] Cabinet members and subs are several steps off stride when it comes to security.
No wonder Bam Bam said we could absorb some attacks because with this security
team in place, they have hard time tracking a herd of elephant in 6 feet of new snow.

The Bordrs are wide open . . . and the TSA screeners are fatigued. To say nothing of not too bright either.

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

Nov 17th 2010 9:16AM TSA and Homeland Security and Janet Reno's break and enter into the home where Elian Gonzalas was staying with family is a familiar pattern of power determines the rules and outcome, or attempts to.
I am reading Wolfgang Sofsky's "Privacy: A Manifesto" to understand how power and authority subverts our privacy. The 4th Amendment ought to protect us, but the Powers [Janet N and Pistol Pete of TSA], as Janet Reno know a better way, their way. What a 3 year old expects or an 80 year old is irrelevant.
Based on a study of repressive societies in the former Soviet Union and in East Germany and even under the Nazis, the presumation of power overrode any instincts of humanity among the enforces, not officers of the law.
We live in a net, a police state net, that increases each day. The lastest installment is the insane TSA rules. Of course, lobby dollars for Chertoff, former DHS head, and others plus Stimulus Funds amounting to billions has given us machines that do not work well.
Of course, Israel has a successful program but, according to Janet N and the ilk in DC, that is irrelevant.
The name of the DC game is power over the people. Rebel against the tyrants: Reno and now Janet. Say NO!
File suits and pile up the paper in front of the court house. And if the Republicans have any brains and guts, they will cut the funds for TSA until sanity is restored in that agency and in all departments of government.

Elderly New York Couple Kicked Off Ship After Fight

Oct 6th 2010 5:38PM Old people can be difficult, as in this case. However, the retired British sea officer is correct when he suggests the other half of the story "is not a gentleman."
A gentleman is gentle and does not escalate discussion turned nasty. A gentleman would have moved to another table.
As for the lady being "nasty." Possible. However the Cunard Line did itself no favors by simply returning a portion of the $$, several $$.
Customer service demands something more if for no other reason than appearing reasonable.
Cunard Lines ripped them off.

Flight Attendant Blows His Top, Yells at Passengers and Bolts Down Emergency Slide

Aug 10th 2010 10:16AM I understand the frustration of the flight attendant. I talk to many flight attendants on many airlines, and almost to the woman or man, they tell me the flying public is becoming demanding and increasingly discourteous. Rednecks are not rude, a lot of people are.
I understand in order to arrest this fellow the police, SWAT teams, helicopters descended on his neighborhood. The cops need to demonstrate their new toys in order to get one man.
Where is Eliot Ness and his team? IN police work today, with money and tangible property confiscated from ordinary people and drug runners, there is more money to invest in toys that give the new breed of law enforcement a thrill. I am not sure the new breed is very effective but a menace to themselves and law-abiding citizens.
I would not convict Steve Slater if on a jury. I would ask the DA or the feds to indict the law enforcement on the basis of a threat to the civil liberities of Slater's neighbors.
I am sure there was ample bourish behavior on the part of the police, SWAT teams. The helicopter pilot may be not been part of the citizen harassment, so I would give them a pass.

Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs in America

Jun 6th 2010 10:36AM Why are we obsessed with how much money any professional makes?
I am a retired Presbyterian minister. My greatest salary, including benefits, was $50,000.
I was a minister because I was called to ministry. I enjoy a lot of the work of being a pastor, a teacher, a preacher, a friend to those in need, inside and outside the church.
We have lost the idea, expressed by Martin Luther, that all vocations from house Frau to dish washer to surgeon are honorable if done honorably.
I am grateful I had a highly trained oncologist when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I would not want a politician administrating radiation.
Yet with Obamacare, we have tossed the expensively trained oncologist or surgeon or cardiologist or family doctor aside and handed the work over to a bureacrat who know less about medicine than a shaman.
I have more respect for the shaman or medicine man. At least, they may help and no do any harm.
What strikes me about our national obsession with $$$ in professions is not based on what is the good that is done, but how can we bring earners down to the level the politicans think is enough.

Confessions of a Census Worker

May 29th 2010 9:25AM The census should be easy and straight forward. I liked the man who wrote "2 adults w/legal citizenship."
I put in names and wrote in White. I am not into the other categories, because they are irrelevant to a head count.
I do not want to aid the politicians who will redistrict
in a state based on who is, who isn't, etc.

One Year Later: Are we socialist yet?

Sep 19th 2009 6:22PM If GM had filed for bankrupcy, the UAW would have lost pension and health care benefits. Based on a conversation with a GM dealer and some 20 of his dealer associates, he said the best thing for GM is to file bankrupcy.
I agree. Nothing, including the U.S. Governement, is not "to big to fail."
If Rick Waggoner had had any guts, he would have told Barry to get lost. Only the board could fire him. And I assume the board had some guts too. The present nice man, Mr. Henderson, is a Barry Boy.
James A. Glasscock
Longdrycreek Ranch
Texas Panhandle

Whole Foods drama continues: Unions join in fight against CEO

Aug 28th 2009 4:02PM Once upon a time, Americans defend the right to think and write their opinion and convictions. Obviously, some of the Whole Foods customers want a cookie cutter mentality expressed by the CEO.
I assume these same folks eat out of the garbage pail rather than wholesome foods. Their thinking fits the pail a lot better than enjoying too food.
Though I have shopped at Whole Foods, I have not been taken in by the organic scam that some of the folks tout.
I am sure Whole Food will survive! If not, then, off to the garbage pail folks . . . feast.
Longdrycreek Ranch
Texas Panhandle

Americans need to decide on a fair price for gasoline

Aug 11th 2009 12:02PM I go you one better. 4 years for a MC; 6 years for a senator; 4 years for president. Limits damage. And by the way, state that none of them can rest a term and seek that or any office again.
Once we had statesmen; now we have career politicians.
Make $100,.000. 00 per year; same health and SS benefits as the citizens who pay the bills. They would join us for sane government, not what we have now.


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