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'Dancing With the Stars:' Who Went Home in Week 8?

Nov 10th 2010 9:21AM Sorry but the public voting has got to go!!!! Too many great dancers have been voted off in favor of NON-TALENTED Palin (last year GOOSE-LIN.) I suggest that the judges score the dancers on Monday nght but also include a new celebrity guest judge for each tuesday night elimination. If there is a tie the audience would have a vote. This should be a show about DANCING....not popularity.

'Dancing with the Stars' Results: Who Went Home in Week 7? (VIDEO)


'Dancing with the Stars' Results: Who Went Home in Week 7? (VIDEO)

Nov 3rd 2010 12:53PM Okay..This is it for me!!!! After the mess of a season with Kate Goose-lin, I am SICK of DWTS. What is going on with Palin. She should have been voted off after the first or 2nd episode. She was worse than horrible. It has gotten to the point that the show is no longer about the best dancers winning. It is either rigged or a popularity contest (Sarah Palin supporters ) The fact that Audrina got voted off freaked me out, now Rick Fox, Who is next....Brandy or Jennifer????????????? I guess I won't be tuning in to find out!!!


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