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Pippa Middleton Makes More Waves as Bikini Pics Emerge

May 9th 2011 9:57PM Thank you, Janet! Let's all get on with real life.

Catholic Preschool Boots Child Because Parents Are Lesbians

Mar 9th 2010 2:18PM You must be kidding. This is not a civil instance. It is a religious instance. Please remember that one of the basic tenants of our wonderful democratic republic is the separation of church and state...period! The Catholic Church's views regarding homosexuality have been clear for years, especially its views on homosexual unions (I did not say marriage). I agree with others like Cruisedoc who left responses to this issue. The child is a pre-schooler, not a regular school aged student. This is a private church-run school. If you don't like the religion, do not send your children to this school. If you want to send your children to an environment where homosexuality is precluded by civil law from being an issue, send them to public school. Boulder and Denver Counties are very liberal islands in an otherwise traditionally conservative state. There are plenty of opportunities for this homosexual couple to send their child to a public school when she is of age to attend Kindergarten. I also agree with some of the answers posted to the ignorant pseudo-Christian comments made. It is hard to believe that there are people so ill-read in the roots of their Christian faith that they consider the Catholic Church a non-Christian sect. This is just too much. The history of the Jesus myth and of the Christian tradition did not begin with the origin of the U. S. based Protestant groups. We all live here together. Let's celebrate the wonders of a country where we can all live in harmony and learn from one another.


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