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Rea Buttermore

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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 2:53PM To all you atheists out the. I have debated athesits and evolutionists and they soon found out they had nothing to argue with. As for the "christian" world, it is full of false doctrine and false religions, and I have debated many of them also, and they soon went the way of the others. It is because of all this false garbage that christianity is is taken as a joke. YES, I am a Christion, but not according to man's doctrines, but what GOD has taught and ONLY HIS doctrine. GARBAGE: FALSE RELIGIONS, ATEISTIS AND EVOLUTION. THE TRUTH IS NOT THAT HARD TO FIND, BUT MOST DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. THEY HAD RATHER LIVE IN THIER DREAM WORLD WHERE THEY ARE THEIR OWN GOD!

Dad Who Let Daughter, 8, Kickbox in Aussie Match Has Fight on His Hands

Jul 13th 2011 6:29AM As dumb as the human race has proven itself to be, we should let them fight until one of them can't get up just like the days of the gladators. The father of this girl is a nitwit. Just look at the stupid reasoning he uses. And if you read most of the comments made by other nitwits that think it is OK, then you understand how far the human race has sunk in it's morals. What ever happened to "love thy neighbor"? I think I heard that somewhere before!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and don't bother to reply, I wouldn't take the time to answer morons, which is what most of this world has become.

Vanessa Hudgens Strips Down for Candie's Campaign

Jun 16th 2011 6:42AM Just another woman PROVING women will do anything for money, AND DO!

Chelsea Handler Admits Abortion at 16, Loathes '16 and Pregnant'

May 25th 2011 2:41PM Just another you know what! Hey girls, did you ever think of waiting......Oh never mind, there aren't any guys out there worth it. The youth today know nothing about morals because neither do their parents. And guess what neither will THEIR kids. Just an endless cycle of morons.

Day Care Centers Cut Off Babies From Breast Milk

May 16th 2011 7:04AM The sign of the times....DAY CARE CENTERS. There were no such places when I was a kid. WHY? Because mothers thought their kids were more important that a JOB. Women today have this idea they can do everything a man can do, are you kidding me. I'll give you an example. I'm 74 years old and when I was 69 I won the SENIORS MASTERS BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIP in our area averaging over 230 for 16 games bowled at four different different lanes moving across lanes. No 69 year old female could ever do that. You ladies ought to do the most important JOB for a woman, and that is bringing up the children you bore instead of letting someone else to it for money while you make yours. Think about it. The biggest reason our kids are so messed up is because mom's job is more important than they are.

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 9:12AM Only the stupid care about that wedding and what happens to them. England is till living in the dark ages with the monarchy. It has never been a success and in the past they killed thousands of innocent people just because they had the power to do so. Read you history books and see how GREAT the monarchy has been. What a joke. Of course the American people are not far behind.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry at Westminster, Kiss at the Palace

Apr 30th 2011 7:12AM It's hard to beleive that people think this wedding is good for anything. I guess we need a royal family that we don't get to vote on and they just keep it all in the family with our tax dollars. Oh, and the Pirnce and his new wife are getting to live in a 73 million dollar house [Castle] that they never paid a dime to get. Yea, that's the American way. Hail to the Queens, KIngs, Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Lords. Did I leave anybody out.? I tried to include all the FREE LOARDERS and didn't want to miss any of them.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry at Westminster, Kiss at the Palace

Apr 30th 2011 7:04AM By your comment you prove you know NOTHING about history. You need a good history lesson.Why don't you go to a library and get some books on the subject. The monarchy has been involved , and still is in the politics of their country.

Jerry Springer on Trump: He's 'Flavor of the Month'

Apr 24th 2011 5:10PM Springer is an idiot. If you look in the dictionary under the work "mock" you'll see his picture. As for Trump? Why not vote for him? Take a look at the losers we have been voting for. If you think this country needs a REAL change give him a try. He can't do any worse and he doesn't need the money like the rest of those morons. GO DONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courteney Cox on 'Strictly Platonic' Vacation With Co-Star Josh Hopkins

Mar 31st 2011 8:08AM Typical TV/Hollywood garbage. No morals in life, family or what they do for a living. This country is on it's way out because of it's total lack of God and His Word. To prove my point....see if you can name the first and last letter of the bible [WITHOUT LOOKING]. They are the easiest to find, yet most, and I mean most, people don't know either one of them. CASE CLOSED!


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