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Watch: Prince William's Royal Wedding Hangover

Apr 20th 2011 11:57AM wow.....I can't wait for more information on the happy couple....I sit in front of my PC just waiting for an update.

Kim Kardashian: Bond Girl? Five Actresses We'd Love To See Seduce 007

Apr 13th 2011 9:18PM Kim...acting in a Bond movie? Isn't that like Homer Simpson doing narration for The History Channel?

'The Bachelor' Body Language: Was Rozyln Telling the Truth?

Feb 24th 2010 1:04AM Declaratory statements DO NOT always indicate deception. This is POP PSY B/S that the Criminal Justice system would want you to believe. Higher pitch in the voice also DOES NOT indicate deception..another slab of B/S.
Any female accused of a lie when it's in fact the truth would of course... get stressed....their by raising the voice's simple HUMAN NATURE to people with average intelligence. The lie on this article is the content itself more so than the allegation.


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