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Landlord Dennis Alan Van Dusen's Smoke Detectors Hid Spy Cameras

Apr 20th 2013 9:09PM Aren't there enough OTHER ways for someone (who's into watching people having sex) to get their kicks and giggles? Harvard-educated and an attorney, and yet this imbecile was thinking with the wrong head... Stupid, stupid, stupid! Hope they take him to the bank.

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 5th 2013 6:13PM HOA overstepping their boundaries. These people need to take the HOA to court. I'd wager if they even threaten to take them to court, the HOA will back off.

Kevin Judd's 'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween House-Display Banned by HOA

Oct 28th 2012 8:33PM When you buy a property that's in a neighborhood with HOA, you MUST sign papers at closing saying you will comply with HOA rules. Therefore, upon your signature, you are bound to the contract to do so (and the legal court system recognizes that contract). The HOA has the authority to take you to court, fine you, and collect (with garnishment if necessary) that fine. If you haven't paid that fine when you try to sell the property, you may NOT be able to close (or the fine may be deducted from your profit). So I regret to tell you that while I note your fiery opinion, you would lose... And burning down your house would unfortunately be akin to "cutting your nose off to spite your face" (i.e. your house would be gone, but you'd still owe the fine). Therefore, since you have this opinion, do not ever buy a home included within a HOA! Good luck!

Kevin Judd's 'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween House-Display Banned by HOA

Oct 28th 2012 8:21PM What a pity. I thought the display was great fun and imaginative. Too bad a few neighbors (who are probably jealous they didn't think of doing this, or didn't have the talent to do so) ruin all the fun. The least the HOA could have done is found a way to compromise. e.g. Allow the guy to have the display for a week or so. That's not going to ruin your community or affect the neighborhood's home values (which is what the HOA is trying to maintain). Too bad this guy's imagination and ingenuity is being squashed...

Foreclosed Homeowner 'Booby-Traps' Home

Sep 28th 2011 9:57AM There's enough blame to go all around. Sure, the banks screwed many by handing out loans like candy on Halloween. But also blame the realtors trying to get a higher commission for "pushing" more expensive homes to buyers, and blame the buyers for wanting homes that was way over their budgets to afford. People need to live within their means and stop relying on banks and the government to loan them money or bail them out. And yes, that means if you flip burgers at Mickey D's for a living, you shouldn't be buying a $200,000 home.

WATCH: Ornery Neighbor Scaring Off Prospective Buyers?

Sep 22nd 2011 6:52PM Well, wouldn't it serve him right if someone with a worse attitude (e.g. maybe hates rottweilers and likes to shoot them) than him buys the home and moves in? People like this always "get theirs" in the end....

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears In Sequin Bodysuit: Who Wore It Best? [Photos, Poll]

Jun 26th 2011 1:07PM Is Jennifer Lopez "black" or African-American? I know she's hispanic, but like me, one can be hispanic and not have African heritage in them. But I honestly don't know if one of her parents was/is of African heritage.

Victoria Beckham's Royal Wedding Look (Photo, Video)

Apr 29th 2011 10:13AM Oh wait!! I just saw the picture of Princess Beatrice of York and the "hat" she's wearing. Gads! If Victoria caught a glimps of that one and managed to keep a straight face, then "hats off to her" (pun intended!). LOL

Victoria Beckham's Royal Wedding Look (Photo, Video)

Apr 29th 2011 10:03AM Maybe she won't smile because that hat looks so ridiculous??? Drop it lower on her face, and she'll look like she has a pig snout. LOL

Fun Manicure: Hot In My Salon

Jan 28th 2011 2:42PM One word: HIDEOUS!


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