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Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella Reveals Her Winning Red Hair Color Tips

Jun 27th 2011 2:57PM I'm 100% Sicilian and I have blonde hair and green eyes. So does my sister and Mom. My Dad has dark hair and blue eyes. We're all fair skin. My wife is Italian too. Her mom is from Sicily and she has red hair and green eyes. Maybe you shouldn't read too much into stereotypes. Just a suggestion.

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella Reveals Her Winning Red Hair Color Tips

Jun 27th 2011 2:52PM Aha! I knew she didn't look like a natural redhead! I've never found redheads to be attractive. That's because that strange colored hair is usually accompanied with very pale (zombie like) skin with freckles and bleh! This girl was too cute to be a redhead...I thought she was probably a brunette which would have made her more attractive in my opinion. But she's a blonde instead, still better than redhead. Ahhh whatever...all these women are fakes anyway! But then again, most women these days dye their hair, cap their teeth, and if they have enough money left over, get fake what can you expect!

David Letterman and Seth Rogen Smash Fruit and More With a Giant Gavel (VIDEO)

Jan 8th 2011 1:03PM That's all David Letterman can do to get laughs...mock republicans...because he has no other comedic talent...except, of course, catering to the Left. No wonder he's so jealous of Jay Leno. Maybe Dave should stick to having affairs with those geeky liberal skanks less than three times his age that work on his show...not much of an accomplishment for the average guy, but a big deal for him...and them.

Jenni Makes Another Mistake, Jeff Rants and Insults Her on 'Flipping Out' (VIDEO)

Aug 18th 2010 10:47AM Ahhh...that's just Jeff. He does have a passive aggressive personality and he can be a tad bit rude, but that's the show: "Flippin Out"! That's why most people watch him. That's the reason his show is a success. And don't you worry about Jenni, Zoila, or any of the other "cast", I'm sure they're paid very well! My dorm mate's mom was a "cleaning lady" in a very exclusive and well-to-do part of Long Island and God forbid if she ever was asked to eat lunch, or watch tv, or even joke around with her employers. Zoila has it great!

TV 101: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 'Jersey Shore'

Feb 15th 2010 8:41PM They're so gross looking....they look like mexicans and puerto ricans....I love that show....dumb low-class guidos and guidettes....and the fact they're so arrogant and cocky makes it even more hilarious....they don't even know how ridiculous they are....lmao! But it's great entertainment....Jersey is definitely the armpit of america....lmao!!! Even if they're not from Jersey, they're are plenty of jersey-born imitations....lmao too funny!


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