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NonRosie Fan

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Kelly Ripa Makes an Impassioned Plea to Be Vanna White for a Day (VIDEO)

Jan 6th 2011 7:15PM What? The contest is for one lucky fan -- even though Kelly may be a fan, why not let a fan that's not a celebrity win. That self-centered woman shouldn't even be allowed to enter the contest. Let's hope she doesn't win, if she does, it was probably fixed for her to win because of who she is. What a joke!

Gwen Stefani Without Makeup

Apr 27th 2010 9:12PM I'm amazed at how they say that Jessica Simpson doesn't need makeup. There are many more women much prettier than her without makeup.

Sexiest Movie Vampires

Nov 30th 2008 11:16PM My heart has always fluttered for Frank Langella in the 1970's Dracula movie. But, I now have a new vampire heart throb -- Robert Pattinson! He has such a charisma about him that makes women go wild. He can suck my blood any day! LOL!


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