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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: 'Leave Sarah Palin Alone'

Jun 14th 2011 5:27PM Ashton and Demi who?

Kanye West and Mary-Kate Olsen Hooking Up?

Jun 11th 2011 10:23AM Who gives a flying *%*&%#*! There are people losing everything due to lack of jobs.

Vanessa Hudgens to Ditch Hollywood and Move to New York

May 14th 2011 11:20AM Actress? What actress?

Quips & Quotes: Pippa Middleton Takes on Kim Kardashian

May 7th 2011 10:56AM People actually listen to what George Lopez says? Unbelieveable.

Phoebe Prince's Bullies Apologize, Are Sentenced to 1 Year Probation, Community Service

May 5th 2011 2:31PM Not nearly strong enough. It
dosen't matter how long bullying has gone on. It is time to put a stop to it. And that means it will not be tolerated in any way,shape,or form.

Internet Sensation Rebecca Black Appears at MTV OMAs Tonight

Apr 28th 2011 6:11PM Give her a chance ! She got out there and did it. Did you?

Joey Lawrence Supports a Donald Trump Presidential Run

Apr 28th 2011 3:55PM Who is Joey Lawrence and what has he been drinking?

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 8:55AM What is it exactly that the royals do for a living? Oh, thats right ! They are ticks and leechs. Almost forgot. Why would people want to idolize ticks and leechs?

One of These Eligible Royals May Be Your Prince Charming

Apr 7th 2011 2:32PM Tell them to go out and get a job first.

Royal Wedding Stamp Snafu Tears Couple Apart

Apr 5th 2011 3:11PM What do these royals do for a living? You got it. Tick and leech off the masses.


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