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Scent-Sual: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nearly Nude in Burberry Body Fragrance Ad

Jul 13th 2011 4:39PM she is showing NOTHING what is the big deal? I have seen pictures of women fully clothed with their nipples piercing out

who cares

It's No Secret: Stars With Hair Extensions

Jun 22nd 2011 11:45PM OH PLEEEEEZ

I don't understand why with ALL OF THE STUFF AVAILABLE every woman does not look FABULOUS all the time. I am sick of seeing women with NO MAKEUP SWEATS hair pulled back etc etc..... WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO PRIDE IN YOUR SELF and CLASS and TASTE.

PUT on some make up - lose some weight - get to a gym - hair nails put an outfit together

FOR GODS SAKE wht is it that "we" look at these stars in "AW" when WE can look just as FAB

LOOK at OPRAH as an example - with out being "DONE" she looks like a cleaning woman. BUT :) when "done" POW she looks fabulous

Net-a-Porter's Classic Coach | Blogger Edition

Jun 18th 2011 5:47PM GUCCI and LOUIS VUITTON for me!!!

How to Pull Off a White Bikini This Summer

May 30th 2011 3:52PM you can give women a book with a MILLION ways to suck dick They don't get it.

the BEST head you will ever ever get is from a gay guy! They REALLY KNOW how to suck dick

How to Pull Off a White Bikini This Summer

May 30th 2011 3:45PM Here are the most important tips

1) LOOK AT YOUR BODY TYPE - if you are FAT in 1 or more places don't wear one
2) LOOK AT YOUR AGE - if you are over 35 ( I don't care what your body looks like) the BILINI is for you in your yard NOT the BEACH or public pool
3) LOOK at your breasts - if they are sagging - forget the bikini
4) LOOOK AT YOUR BUSH - WAX IT OFF - noone want to see hair peeking out of a BIKINI bottom

'Style Guy' Glenn O'Brien Talks Fashion, Art, Music and Andy Warhol

May 25th 2011 9:26AM What is "gay" fashion?

CLUE: With out "gays" you would have no fashion for your body or your home

Oprah Winfrey Debuts Bob

Apr 30th 2011 10:55PM OPRAH can do NO WRONG ..... well except leaving her show ......... She will really be missed

New Health Study Finds Airport Scanners Safe

Mar 29th 2011 4:29PM
It's enough already with all this nonsense. Just STOP CARRY ON LUGGAGE PERIOD.
a Purse, Book bag or back pack - is all that should be allowed. All these scans are stupid - noone is going to do a 911 again - been there done that they are looking at other ways to induce terror

Will BA Crew Strike During the Royal Wedding?

Mar 29th 2011 4:24PM LOVE LOVE LOVE organized labor!!!!!

Without UNIONS the people have no power. Here is an example of how the "under paid - over worked" have some voice , a leg to stand on and some POWER over the coporate CAPTITALSTIC greed mongers

New York Bans Smoking in Parks and Beaches

Feb 24th 2011 4:23PM
SMOKING should be against the LAW PERIOD. It serves NO PURPOSE but to add to HEALTH CARE costs and DEATH


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