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Introducing Her Royal Housewife Kate Middleton

May 3rd 2011 6:14PM Excuse me...............................who do you think most tourist travel to London in the hope of seeing?
Kindly, get your facts straight.....Royal Family brings in Tourist.....hence Tourist bring $$$$$$.
And correct me if I am wrong but is it not true that each new President get a hefty payment to decorate their living quarters at the White House to their liking!!!!
When you see members of the Royal Family travel you see them board a British Airways plane not a plane to themselves. Perhaps' you should look into a few things and just for the record the Royal Family is also known as the ' Firm' trust me they work plenty . Thank goodness America can change Presidents every four years.............

Annie Lennox Awarded an OBE by The Queen

Jan 4th 2011 6:22AM Did your Mother not teach you if you have nothing good to say about someone then do not say it? So much jealousy in the world!!!

Note to the Networks: William and Kate Won't Be As Big as Chuck and Di

The ROYAL FAMILY,otherwise known as the "Firm", bring
millions of visitors to England.What do these visitors do when they come??? Well, spend money of course. They are the Best tourist attraction some place could have.While I do not agree with everything about the "Royals", let me tell you sunshing Princess Anne the Queens Daughter works the hardest of the lot of them. So please do not comment on something you clearly know nothing about. I on the other hand DO!!!!

Bristol Palin Knocks Levi Johnston's Bid for Mayor on 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

Nov 8th 2010 6:54PM What I would like to know is when she is so busy with the Dancing with the Stars show and making personal appearances on t.v shows who is watching her baby?

Music Appreciation: Queen Elizabeth II

Jan 8th 2010 7:35PM Take it from someone who was married to one of the " Royal Guards " you knew sweet little about what they do and do not do! I can tell you Princess Anne, is the hardest known working member of the Royal family ( the firm ). I wonder would you like to live the life they live as if in a fish bowl at all times everyone watching their every move. Just so you know....the Royal family brings in a lot of money every year by means of tourist. Think of England yoy think of the Queen. Please get your facts right...oh, by the way I am an American!


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