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Homeless Girl Gets Royal Wedding Invite from Prince William

Apr 19th 2011 1:40PM Regarding Torights comment "NOW HOW ABOUT TELLING YOUR "SUBJECTS" WHY YOU ARE ENTITLED TO UNTOLD MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR ESSENTIALLY DOING NOTHING WHILE THE REST OF YOUR "SUBJECTS" HAVE TO WORK FOR A LIVING". The royal family brings in millions of dollars just on tourism itself to name one way they make money for there country. Can you tell me why American still pays pensions to previous Presidents since they are no longer in office? Do you think that is money well spent?

James Bond Delayed Due to MGM Woes

Jan 6th 2010 9:50AM I am english and my parents got me started watching the Bond movie's in the 70's. From that time on I was hooked and I have seen them all. Let's not forget that it was their generatoin (60's) that the Bond movie's were originally intented for. The problem is not the actors that have played the roles. The problem is the scripts! The original movies where based on books written by Ian Fleming and that's why they were SO good. The new books are not and that is the problem. Non of these writer have the style of Ian Fleming. And the scripts well, they have fallen short. They have become too flashy; too many rediculous action packed sceens that are unbelievable!! (come on a helicopter flying out of a burning plane that should have exploded from the heat in the first place!!!) Casino Royale was excellent and reminded me of the old Bond movies and that was because it was written by Ian Fleming and the script writers were able to write a decent script because of that fact. When I first became a where that Daniel Craig was going to be playing Bond I thought "What are they crazy!" He doesn't look at all like Bond and I didn't even want to go and see the movie. I just couldn't see him in the role, but after I did see it I thought that he was excellent in the part and the movie itself reminded me of the old bond movies. But once again I was disappointed in Quantum of Solace too much action not enough script. What these screen writers need to do is go back study the old and turn it into new not just a bit of story with a lot of ridiculous action trough in. As for Sean Connery he will always be the best Bond because he was the first and the first is always the best! A remake is NEVER as good as the original.


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