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Watch: Prince William's Royal Wedding Hangover

Apr 20th 2011 4:34PM Useless anachronisms that have no purpose in todays world other than to live a life of undeserved wealth and privilige, who cares?

Go Daddy's Bob Parsons Brushes Off Criticism Over Elephant Killing

Apr 4th 2011 3:48PM LEGAL Hunting brought Elephants back from the brink. Poachers made a few hundred a year slaughtering hundreds of elephants a year for ivory. Now they can make that in a couple weeks in a legitimate hunting camp, and the meat goes to feed their families. I hunt, choose not to hunt elephants but the people who do pay $15,000 and up to do so, and Elephant populations have increased dramatically as a result
Overpopulation by HUMANS is of course the root cause of so many issues in the world today.
Peta should concentrate on stopping the abuse of pets and domesticated animals and leave game management to those who know what in the hell they are doing.

Pope's Popularity Falls to a Low in U.S. in Wake of Abuse Scandal

Apr 1st 2010 1:28AM Who gives a damn what these senile old anachronisms (the popes) think about anything? The Catholic priesthood celibacy policy was designed to keep its clergy from having wives who could inherit family money that would then be kept from the papal coffers.
A bunch of mumbo jumbo reminiscent of the Mayans and Egyptians in its pomp and secrecy, designed to keep the peasants in fear and the clergy fat and well fed...and apparantly a number of them well sexed as well!
I was raised a Catholic and at about age 10 I realized that the Wizard of Oz had more credibility and transparency than these dressed up charlatans that called themselves cardinals, bishops, priests etc.
I am truly amazed that ANYONE takes them or their dogma seriously.

'Idol' Doesn't Have Bleep Button Big Enough for Stern

Feb 11th 2010 1:16AM Stern is a sad case of arrested developement and why he has achieved any sort of celebrity is a mystery to me.


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