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Troy Donovan and His Wife, Dayna, Find Squatters Living in Their Littleton, Colo., Home

Jul 15th 2012 4:24PM Kevin, I have a friend who has/had a winter home in Arizona left to her by her deceased father. She was very ill for over a year in North Carolina, but paid her taxes, and kept her utilities on in Arizona! Without any notice of their actions, her home was classified as "abandoned". The people who said it was abandoned KNEW what the contents of the house and shop were worth! They also knew the procedure because "they" had done it before to others! Her home was sold on the Court House steps! No notice was given to her in North Carolina although her address in NC was on the deed in Arizona! She has paid much more than one hundred thousand dollars for three Attorneys and she still hasn't gotten her home back! The SAD part was/is, they "cleaned" everything out of her house and work shop! Personal information, furniture, jewelry, computers, guns, cameras, clothes and more!Her fathers work shop was full of valuable irreplacable items! He was an artist, jeweler, sculptor and world traveler. He collected precious stones and rare art everywhere he went! He had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hand-cut stones, gold and silver for his jewelry, including 8 shoe boxes of rare watches! Two of them worth over one hundred thousand dollars!All of his Military metals, awards, GONE as well! What a person has a LEGAL RIGHT to, does NOT mean it is completely safe from unscrupulous, greedy, and criminal sub-standard human beings!

Victoria's Secret Angels Dish About Their First Summer Crushes (Video)

May 18th 2011 10:16AM PLEASE tell me how a woman can feel SEXIER with IMPLANTS that are so OBVIOUS! You can clearly see the out-line, and MOST men do not LIKE them! My "fellow" said it was like feeling a pertrified PEACH! Even though mine points to 6 oclock instead of 3, and DOES provide shade for my knees in the SUMMER, they are MINE!

9 Sexy Swimsuits With The Most Awkward Tan Line Potential

May 4th 2011 10:54PM Of COURSE they have three square meals a day! They are called "ICE CUBES"! they MELT in your MOUTH!

9 Sexy Swimsuits With The Most Awkward Tan Line Potential

May 4th 2011 10:46PM SURELY, you don't expect these UNREASONABLY PERFECT females to actually LAY on the BEACH or poolside with these suits on do you? I have seen more cotton in ASPIRIN bottles, but they are meant to blow the pacemakers of all the OLDER men! Younger men already KNOW they are just eye candy! And YES! I am jealous! I USED to look almost that good! And although my "chassiss" is still in excellant shape, my "upholstery" is shot! Everything has gone South, and what USED to point to THREE o'clock, now points to SIX! And NO, I am NOT male! But I assume they, like my ex huband, they have the same problem! Just not in the same LOCATION!

Couture Spring 2011: Most Outrageous Looks

Feb 1st 2011 4:58PM I LOVE the built-in "bassinet" on the FIRST model! And her bedroom shoes are awesome! Now she is all ready to "deliver"! Except the poor baby better not count on being breast-fed!

Confessions of a Census Worker

May 29th 2010 8:34AM Where is "ACORN" when you need them! Of course, I am only joking, but THIS years census is as "chaotic" as THAT ONE WAS! Our Government is about as effective as a SCREEN DOOR ON A SUBMARINE, but where would you START to repair it? There have been BILLIONS of dollars spent with VERY LITTLE USABLE RESULTS! Some College graduates don't make $20.00 an hour,yet, thanks to our Government IT STILL DOESN'T WORK! There is NO EASY SOLUTION, and NO CURE except hard, dedicated, time-consuming, mind-altering efforts without "ME FIRST"! The Census takers can't do THEIR JOB unless the GOVERNMENT DOES THEIRS FIRST! CHECK-MATE-ITIS!

Fashion Week Fall 2010: The Good, The Bad and The Crazy

Feb 21st 2010 6:58PM Bless her little heart!
Pam Anderson couldn't POSSIBLY think those skin covered "frisbies" do her any good! Good
heavens! Why would a woman have her body slit open to insert something EVERY body knows is fake! I admit that when I lay down mine goes under my ARMS, but they are MINE!


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