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Freida Pinto: Celebrity Beauty Look of the Day

May 22nd 2011 7:19AM I think her eye-makeup is harsh and way too dark in contrast to her lips...and while on the subject, she looks like she's ready to lash out a long, wet tongue and catch an insect. Fat pork chops there lady.

Stylefoul: Hilary Swank and Insolence

Sep 17th 2006 1:17PM The only add this woman is fit to endorse is one to promote before and after dental surgery. She's got one the BIGGEST teeth in Hollywood history. There was a time in this business when stars had faces worth looking at, but unfortunately, those days are long gone. When she won the Oscar portraying Teena Brandon in Boys don't Cry, I felt she didn't deserved such an award. After all, who was Teena Brandon, really? As far as I know, she was a liar, a thieve, a deceiver and a phony. She wasn't even a transgender. If anything she was a drag. A female who pretended to be a male and deliberately schemed and lied her way inside the lives of people who welcomed and trusted her as a male. In the end she died as a result of her own actions. Did she deserved to be killed? Of course not. Did she asked for it? You bet she did. The lesbian communities across the US cheer for Brandon as heroine and a martyr against hate crimes and are milking her for all is worth, thanks to Swank. The real reason why Teena Brandon died, was not because she was a lesbian or a transgender. Teena Brandon died because she made a life and a career out of cheating, using and deceiving people and finally caught up with her.


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