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Is 'Idol' Thinking About Life Without Jennifer Lopez?

Jun 30th 2011 1:12PM Get that untalented trash/skank/ho out of there!

Lady Gaga Goes Green (Photos)

Jun 21st 2011 11:35AM This ridiculous and untalented mess.
She should call herself Lady Halloween.

Freida Pinto: Celebrity Beauty Look of the Day

May 22nd 2011 7:19AM I think her eye-makeup is harsh and way too dark in contrast to her lips...and while on the subject, she looks like she's ready to lash out a long, wet tongue and catch an insect. Fat pork chops there lady.

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 9:11AM I couldn't agree with you more.
Posted but haven't been able to find it goes:
This damned world is going to Hell and all you been doing since those two geeks got engaged is to shoved them down my throat EVERYDAY!
All this BS about the dork, horse-toothed prince marrying that skinny-lipped, frigid pop, who looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy older than her the flavor of the month. I tell you what's going to happen:
In a few months you will start to hear all the dirt about their boozing, drug using and screwing around till the final coundown to divorce.
The End.
As far as that ugly man in drag, Chelsea Clinton, it goes to show you, that medicine is not as advanced as you might think, all the top plastic surgeons who operated on that liberal skank could find pretty in those ugly bones of her.

Amy Winehouse on Amy Winehouse

Oct 27th 2008 7:43AM Star quality and great talent are a unique and rare combination...a cut above the rest...the light and dark sides of the moon...complexed, refreshing, troubled, heartbreakingly can't look away...Amy's a star and nothing can't change that fact. I hope she gets help and continues to do what she does best, sin g like very few people can.

Shockingly Cocky Quotes: No. 21

Oct 8th 2008 7:02AM I think she's tacky and a phony. Her looks are more like costumes or dressed-up silly than real style. If she says she's deep as an ocean, I'll take her word for it, after all ship wrecks are also found if you seasrch deep enough.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Scolded by Her Dad on 'The View'

Mar 2nd 2007 2:42AM I can't stand the sight of these loud mouthed broads. If it was up to me, I would put all of them to work in a potato field digging up spuds for a living at minimun wage. Particularly this Hasselbeck wench, she's so annoying. Looking at her gives me the creeps, she looks like she eats mice.

Stylefoul: Hilary Swank and Insolence

Sep 17th 2006 1:17PM The only add this woman is fit to endorse is one to promote before and after dental surgery. She's got one the BIGGEST teeth in Hollywood history. There was a time in this business when stars had faces worth looking at, but unfortunately, those days are long gone. When she won the Oscar portraying Teena Brandon in Boys don't Cry, I felt she didn't deserved such an award. After all, who was Teena Brandon, really? As far as I know, she was a liar, a thieve, a deceiver and a phony. She wasn't even a transgender. If anything she was a drag. A female who pretended to be a male and deliberately schemed and lied her way inside the lives of people who welcomed and trusted her as a male. In the end she died as a result of her own actions. Did she deserved to be killed? Of course not. Did she asked for it? You bet she did. The lesbian communities across the US cheer for Brandon as heroine and a martyr against hate crimes and are milking her for all is worth, thanks to Swank. The real reason why Teena Brandon died, was not because she was a lesbian or a transgender. Teena Brandon died because she made a life and a career out of cheating, using and deceiving people and finally caught up with her.


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