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The Royal Family Tree [Photos]

Apr 28th 2011 3:59PM The world's most classy welfare recipients?

My Adventures in Backyard Politics

Oct 16th 2010 3:48PM I have never such seen a beautiful creature of nature and humanity lounging like that in any of my neighbors yards, ever, and even if i did i can't imagine anyone being such an uncool, goober, about it as the guy with the binoculars!

Parents Up in Arms Over New Miley Cyrus Video

Oct 12th 2010 5:48AM The body is not sinful, we all have one. Actions that maim and kill the human body are sinful. Do these same parents object to war and war movies, violent video games and murder TV shows, movies, and books?

Secret Regrets -- Men Share the Things They'd Most Like to Do Over

Oct 8th 2010 7:48AM Regrets are our way of admitting and owning imperfection, facing those imperfections, then changing course accordingly to prevent repeating the same mistakes in the future.
The process is called growth and maturity and those who cannot bear to examine their own thoughts and actions admit fault, do not allow themselves to grow.

Lindsay Lohan Released From Rehab Early

Aug 25th 2010 12:37PM Who says life doesn't exist on other planets?

Pee-wee Herman Star Paul Reubens Opens Up About 1991 Arrest and Child Porn Scandal

Aug 16th 2010 9:15PM From what i understand, pee wee was a real Dink to his cast and crew and thats probably why he was crucified so when he was caught with his pants down, and maybe he has learned to be peaceful since then.

What Will Howard Do? Stern's Contract Up in Six Months

Jul 10th 2010 10:19AM Oh Yeah .. Howard Stern .. isn't he the guy that went over to pay radio a few years ago .. barely heard a peep out of him since then.

Elena Kagan Tapped as Next Supreme Court Justice

May 10th 2010 2:28PM Simple .. other nations ask Americans who are visit/work/live there to have and provide credentials that prove peaceful and productive intent. Those who can't or won't provide such documentation don't get to stay. Isn't it a no brainer for America to have and enforce the same requirements or am I missing something here?

I am confident that President Obama, Elena, and the majority of our capital staff love America and the concept of America, (a nation "for the people and by the people"), and they aren't going to "go soft" on the safe and fair requirement of insisting on basic verification. Right?

Elena Kagan Tapped as Next Supreme Court Justice

May 10th 2010 2:07PM Americans are asked for proof and verification that our intents and purposes are peaceful when we vist/work/live in other nations.
Our United States government, (aka "we the people"), has not only the right to ask for the same verification from other nationals, but has the utter responsibility to do so.

If "we the people" decide that we no longer value standards of peaceful and productive intent, then "we the people" will have created a govenmet not "for the people by the people", rather, a govenment of itself and for itself.

I hope and trust that Elena and President Obama and staff are intelligent people who love their nation and all those within, just like most of us do. Viva freedom and the concept of "America".

Fourteen States Seek to Block Health Care Reform Law in Court

Mar 24th 2010 1:36PM Remove subsidized health care from the politicians, pay them in a fashion befitting their non partisan efforts, then let them choose between a place to live OR care insurance like so many HONEST and HARD WORKING AMERICANS have to.

The American concept: A government for the people by the people, not for itself by itself, remember? Anyone?


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