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Glamping 101: What is "glamorous camping," exactly?

Aug 4th 2011 2:23PM I have enjoyed nature comfortably, many times, without "glamping" as it is defined here. I personally find the term sad.

Did Kate Middleton Copy This European Royal's Wedding Dress?

May 12th 2011 2:18PM Well, if she did, then they BOTH copied Grace Kelly. But no matter. They are all beautiful.

Will Joaquin Phoenix Come Out of Retirement for Scientology Movie?

Apr 16th 2011 11:31PM Didn't he already do that, in Signs?

Ryan Phillippe Selling Los Angeles Home

Dec 7th 2010 2:09PM One of these things is not like the other... The bedroom pic made me looks like a college dorm room (except for the balcony)!

Troops Boo Kathy Griffin for Bristol Palin Fat Jokes

Dec 6th 2010 9:11PM Kathy tells it like it is. Unfortunately for the Palin fanatics that wear permanent blinders, the truth hurts.

Republicans Love 'Modern Family,' Democrats Favor 'Dexter,' New Study Shows

Nov 14th 2010 4:13PM My disclaimer is that I think this is probably one of the least valid polls that has ever been taken, and I would agree with some of the prior comments that I would LOVE to see how this data was gathered. That said, I'm going to make my snarky yet probably accurate remark in guessing that the reason DWTS is such a hit right now with Republicans is because of Baby Palin.

Anthony Hopkins Loses 75 Pounds in Two Years

Sep 21st 2010 4:07PM I wonder if liver, fava beans, and a nice Chianti factored into his diet? :)

Michelle Obama Wears Sweeping Red Dress at Phoenix Awards

Sep 21st 2010 1:30AM They are beautiful both inside and out, Maria. What a shame it is that you cannot say the same of yourself.

Michelle Obama Wears Sweeping Red Dress at Phoenix Awards

Sep 21st 2010 1:25AM Well Maria, you need to see a cardiologist, because I think you need a new heart.

Michelle Obama Wears Sweeping Red Dress at Phoenix Awards

Sep 20th 2010 5:53PM She looks absolutely stunning. A perfect choice for a beautiful woman. What a handsome couple.


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