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Landlord From Hell Bans Pork, Long Showers, Overnight Guests

Jan 11th 2013 8:23PM The only thing more stupid than this list of nonsensical 'rules,' is if someone would actually RENT knowing those are the rules!

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 1:36PM I have no idea what is going on in this apartment or with this two-year old child, but it seems to me any NORMAL parent would be able to determine if their child was a nusiance or not! There should be some common sense at play here, with both the parents of the child and the residents who reside nearbye. Although I don't really know what has and is going on with this child and her family, my 'gut' reaction to this story is that the parents are ALLOWING this child to be unruly and disruptive. With the number of complaints thus far issued, something worthy of being evicted is going on in this familie's apartment and the parents should have the common sense AND the common decency to put a stop to it! Geeze!

Lara Stone Gets "Naked" for Calvin Klein, Makes Our Sexy Ad List (PHOTOS)

Jul 19th 2011 1:20AM As soft-core pornography the above photos are perfect! As ads to ~ allegedly ~ sell a clothing line, they are vulgar and exploitve! How does the suggestion of a 'gang rape' ~ as the one photo implies ~ sell anything but disgust? Calvin Kleine and Abercrombie & Fitch wallow in the same gutter! I wouldn't purchase so much as a NAPKIN if either name were associated with it!

Brooke Shields' Big Necklace at The Ballet: Love It or Leave It? (Photos, Poll)

May 13th 2011 9:34AM It's Brooke's neck ... she can wear what she chooses and it should be no one else's business! She's beautiful ~ necklace or no necklace!

Victoria Beckham's Royal Wedding Look (Photo, Video)

Apr 29th 2011 9:25AM Victoria Beckham needs to LIGHTEN UP! In the above photo she looks miserable! I know I would be ~ pregnant or not ~ in those shoes! And her hair ... so pulled back and tight, austere ... no wonder she can't smile! But then she always looks pinched! Unhappy! So severe! Good grief! Is she really THAT unhappy!? I don't know why? She has SO much to be thankful for!

Ferry Company Plans Eco-Tours of Cape Cod Wind Farm

Mar 24th 2011 10:15AM Wind farms make SO MUCH MORE SENSE than nuclear energy! They may not be as efficient, but they do NOT pose the extraordinary danger nuclear plants do! And they are kinda neat to watche. I hope the issue with birds flying into them can be resolved ... but at least Cape Cod is not in danger of becoming a wasteland if one ~ or all ~ of the wind turbins becomes disabled due to a flock of birds, a storm, a tsunamia or even terrorism! Wind farms and other non-threatening means of generating power make MUCH MORE SENSE!

Shawntel Newton, the Bachelor's Embalmer: I Love My Job!

Feb 26th 2011 2:54AM Shawntel, of course Brad is a fool on SO many levels ... letting you get away is just one more example of how shallow and cluless this guy is! But YOU are the fortunate one that things didn't go further with this guy! Seldom to 'Bachelor' matches survive. You deserve a REAL relationship with a quality guy ... someone SO much better than Brad! My best to you.

John Galliano Arrested In Paris; Suspended by Dior

Feb 25th 2011 9:23PM With all the designing Jhon Galliano is allegedly doing for women (when he's not being arrested), perhaps he should take some time and do a bit of 'designing' for himself! He looks pretty 'scruffy' to me! A hair cut and a shave might do him some good, also!

Charlie Sheen Wants to Buy Homes for Two Ex-Wives

Feb 24th 2011 3:19PM Charlie Sheen wanting to buy homes for his several ex's, in and of its self is fine, but there is something wrong here! The man has fried his brain. His rambling about how the network loves him and doesn't want to lose him ... surprised that the crew and cast were not on-hand when HE decided to show up to work ... now spouting about purchasing homes for his ex's! Something is wrong. I think Charlie's wild ways have finally cought up with him in more ways than one. He's undoubted going to lose his job ~ and the paycheck that comes with it. He's already lost a HUGE fan base. He's lost the respect and trust of the network, his co-workers and undoubtedly many friends ... and now it appears he's losing his mind, too! Such a waste from begining to end! How dreadfully sad.

Homeowner Sues Mortgage Company, and Wins!

Feb 18th 2011 5:29PM I've heard numerous such stories about Wells Fargo, both from personal friends/family, as well as on the radio and in televised news stories. And this is just one more! If I were a consumer, I'd be wary of doing ANY kind of business with Wells Fargo! This and the other stories I've heard somewhat prove that! Too bad the gentleman in this story didn't get somekind of a punitive judgement as well. I think not taking care of business as any banker, lender should, warrants a punitive judgement! There is no excuse for this kind of behavior by Wells Fargo employees!


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