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Landlord From Hell Bans Pork, Long Showers, Overnight Guests

Jan 11th 2013 8:23PM The only thing more stupid than this list of nonsensical 'rules,' is if someone would actually RENT knowing those are the rules!

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 1:36PM I have no idea what is going on in this apartment or with this two-year old child, but it seems to me any NORMAL parent would be able to determine if their child was a nusiance or not! There should be some common sense at play here, with both the parents of the child and the residents who reside nearbye. Although I don't really know what has and is going on with this child and her family, my 'gut' reaction to this story is that the parents are ALLOWING this child to be unruly and disruptive. With the number of complaints thus far issued, something worthy of being evicted is going on in this familie's apartment and the parents should have the common sense AND the common decency to put a stop to it! Geeze!

Lara Stone Gets "Naked" for Calvin Klein, Makes Our Sexy Ad List (PHOTOS)

Jul 19th 2011 1:20AM As soft-core pornography the above photos are perfect! As ads to ~ allegedly ~ sell a clothing line, they are vulgar and exploitve! How does the suggestion of a 'gang rape' ~ as the one photo implies ~ sell anything but disgust? Calvin Kleine and Abercrombie & Fitch wallow in the same gutter! I wouldn't purchase so much as a NAPKIN if either name were associated with it!

Katie Holmes Hosts Surprise Party for Tom Cruise's 49th Birthday

Jul 3rd 2011 4:42PM So what do magazines/tabloids like "Us," "People," "The National Inquirer," have to say about Katie's birthday party for hubby, Tom? They have ALL reported, at least a dozen times, that Tom and Katie's marriage has been/will be/is OVER! But hey, I think the party belies those 'rumors.' If such mags want to dish dirt at least make sure the 'dirt' is true before publishing! I wish Tom well on his birthday ... and Tom and Katie's marriage the same! Long live true love ... in spite of the tabloids!

Is Oprah Winfrey Helping or Using Sarah Ferguson?

Jun 15th 2011 3:16PM You know, I've wondered about this myself! I, personally, do not see what 'help' Sarah will receive by airing her current & past issues on national television. If Oprah is such a 'good friend,' then why didn't she offer the services of Dr. Phill and Suze Orman to Sarah ~ no strings attached. Friends help friends ... they don't exploit! Shame on Oprah!

'Nuestra Belleza Latina' contestant and boyfriend shot to death

Jun 15th 2011 9:06AM I'm so very sorry. Another needless, senseless crime ... what is this world coming to? My condolences to the families and loved ones. I hope those responsible are caught and held accountable!

J. Lo practices 'Santeria and black magic,' girlfriend of ex-beau says

Jun 15th 2011 8:57AM So what? Jennifer can 'practice' any form of religion or belief she chooses. As to Ojani Noa, that worthless former husband of Jennifer's, and his 'girlfriend,' Claudia Vazquez, they are the ultimate example of sleeze! It is difficult to believe how genuinely 'ugly' these two 'alleged' human beings are! Ojani and Claudia V. are a disgrace to not only themselves, but to the human race in general!

Parents of Girl Killed in Ferris Wheel Accident Want Tougher Safety Regulations

Jun 14th 2011 3:26PM I am so very sorry for these parents and their loss. My heart goes out to them. Such a tragic loss ... and SO completely unnecessary! I'm just so sorry. I can't imagine what they must be going through. My prayers and thoughts are with this family.

Marc Anthony's reply to J. Lo sex tape questions: Abruptly walk out of interview

Jun 11th 2011 9:19AM First of all, I don't blame Marc Anthony for ending the interview. He was repeatedly asked this question ~ repeatedly dodged it; was courteous, simply waiving the question numerous times ~ but the interviewer DIDN'T GET IT! I think Marc's exit from the interview was MORE THAN FAIR! I'd have done the same ... only probably sooner! As to a judge allowing a sex tape of Jennifer and her sleezy first husband to be released, I think the judge, the former sleezy husband and his equally sleezy wife ought to be arrested and ALL put in the same cell and be FORCED to watch the sex tape over and over and over and over and over and over again. They are so crazy about it being viewed ... let them all view it together!!!!! Non-stop! It's outrageous that a judge would authorize such a release ... I don't care WHAT the laws are! But why ANYONE would make such a tape in the first place is beyond me!!

Scotty McCreery's 'Out of Summertime' Track Leaked

Jun 7th 2011 5:34AM I wish this young man the very best! I saw his audition on AI and just new he had the potential to be the winner! There was a lot of other good talent, to be sure, but none as worthy as Scotty's! May he handle his success well that it brings him and his loved ones much happiness.


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