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Foreclosure Victim Must Leave Hotel After 9-Year Stay, $29,000 Bill

Oct 15th 2013 12:16PM She could have bought a good used motorhome and lived in a Wal Mart parking lot for free. Now she's BROKE, with NOWHERE to go. Dunce.

Highs and Lows of Living on a Houseboat

Aug 31st 2013 11:49AM I think living on a boat,...or a houseboat would be GREAT! Even the great John Wayne lived on board his boat, the "Wild Goose", a converted Navy minesweeper, in the last years of his life. How cool would that be?

Woman's Belongings Lost When Repo Crew Empties Wrong House

Aug 30th 2013 4:00PM MAJOR LAWSUIT here.

For Sale: Calvin Coolidge's Temporary White House

Aug 10th 2013 11:43AM Creepy-looking big building. I wonder if it's haunted?

Elvis' Palm Springs Home: Ready for Its Encore?

Jul 29th 2013 9:16PM Thanka vera much. Uh-huh uh-huh.

Burglars Boldly Strike Multiple Homes as Missouri Family Mourns

Jul 26th 2013 1:09AM I carry a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum,.....the most powerful handgun in the world. Let ME catch somebody burglarizing my house. I don't call the police.

Abandoned New Orleans House Falls on Neighbor's Home

Jul 26th 2013 1:05AM I noticed in the photo on the internet that the family was black. If they wrote or called obama, he'd have a clean-up crew there that day, heppin out a fellow black bro or sista.

Florida Retirement Community Open Only to Letter Carriers

Jul 10th 2013 11:01PM why Florida ends in..."DUH".

Home Where Schaffhausen Killed Daughters Going Up for Auction

Jul 9th 2013 5:35PM I certainly WOULD want to know if a horrific crime happened in a house that I was buying! Who would want to live in...for example...the house in Amityville, New York, where SIX members of a family were shot dead in their beds by the oldest son? I think that Jessica was completely RIGHT in blocking the sale!

'Neighbor From Hell' on Trial for 'Terrorizing' Residents

Jun 30th 2013 4:30PM Gee,...that'd be a real shame if his house burned down while he was in jail. I'm just saying........


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