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In Defense of Angelina Jolie

Aug 8th 2010 1:00PM Hey: ihatebrangelina, I'd be very happy to kiss Angelina's' ass till the day I died.... If she'd let me!

In Defense of Angelina Jolie

Aug 8th 2010 12:57PM Geebus.... Who's Geebus? You mean that imaginary, self proclaimed 'ghourd' who died nail to a tree 2,000 years ago? Any real g-d would have pulled the nails out by his own power of mind and just walked away.... Died for anyone's sins??? Bullsh*t, he died because he committed sedition against the King of Israel, that's why he was cruxcified. That sin crap was created a long time after Geebus died.... to get the weak-minded to knuckle under, The 'SHEEP' Yeah, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

In Defense of Angelina Jolie

Jul 23rd 2010 8:24PM One thing you forgot to mention.. Angelina's a very desirable woman...... Easy to fall in love with! Her face is gorgeous, while Anniston reminds me of a dog I owned as a child. She's also a major talent, and a Humanitarian. I'd gladly donate my right testicle to make love to her. Anniston can clean my bathrooms for me.......

Jennifer Aniston Launches Her Fragrance at Harrods

Jul 22nd 2010 2:16PM Rank, Her movies all Stank, all she really cared about was Bank, now she's a washed up 40+ Skank!!! Am I a little prejudiced, sure...... I absolutely LOVE Angelina. Have seen & I own almost all of her movies........ Anniston, never seen one of her movies.......... and she was the reason why I never watched 'Friends'. For some reason, I can't stand looking at her. For Angelina I gladly give my right testicle to make love to her!!!

What Should M. Night Shyamalan Do Next?

Jul 3rd 2010 5:14AM Start looking for a JOB at McDonald's........ His MOVIES SUCK!!!!!

Tiger Woods said to pay his wife millions to stick by him

Dec 4th 2009 9:36AM I hope she gets his balls in the new agreement!

Madoff associate Picower wills bulk of fortune to charity

Nov 10th 2009 11:01PM You can't will to others what was never yours in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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