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Denise Richards Adopts Baby Girl

Jun 30th 2011 12:53AM I don't understand who would give her a child?

Friend: Sarah Palin Is Ignoring Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Jun 9th 2011 11:34AM Love Elizabeth. She speaks from the heart and is a tough cookie when she should be. She stands up for herself and what she believes in against the brash likes of Joy and Whoopie. She and Sherry are the only ones worth watching on that show. Barbara, is Barbara, a "snob".

Sandra Bernhard: Lindsay 'Probably Has Issues With Her Mom Like All Gay Girls'

Jun 7th 2011 7:37PM What makes you all connoisseurs on looks. Because a person isn't appealing to you, does not make them unappealing to others, therefore, they cannot be labeled as ugly. Take heed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Jennifer Aniston Introduces New Boyfriend to Her Friends

Jun 1st 2011 11:55PM If Jennifer were just a person who wasn't a celebrity no one would care how many guys she dated. Think about it. The media should stay out of her life and print more important matters. Leave the woman alone already.

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 1:54PM Some parents don't have a clue. It's good to be unique, but that's a bit much. The child will be confused, that is not a good thing. Yes, it's terrible that older brother was teased, but it's not every day one sees a young boy in a dress. If you're going to march to a different beat than the rest of society's, then expect some flack.

Ryan Reynolds: 'I Don't Think I Want to Get Married Again'

May 29th 2011 10:24PM Those photos of Ryan look really phony. Seems a photo of his face was plastered on someone else's body.

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video)

May 16th 2011 7:09PM It's a very sad situation, but the best thing for the child is to grow up in another household, hopefully, it will be a relatives' home. The mother, obviously, is mentally ill. Who, other than a mentally ill person, would inflict pain on a child because of her less than perfect features. The little girl is adorable and even if she wasn't, botox injections should never have been given. It's one thing when an adult chooses to use botox, but another when a child is being given injections by her mother. Botox can have very negative sides effects and how terrible would it be if the child suffered those side effects. Because she has had no side effects from botox does not mean she wouldn't get them with other injections. Children are to be loved and cherished...

Litter-ary Mistakes - How to Solve Hit-or-Miss Potty Behavior

May 15th 2011 4:20PM Propmanager2000: Check out my previous comment.

Litter-ary Mistakes - How to Solve Hit-or-Miss Potty Behavior

May 15th 2011 4:17PM My Persian cat had issues when he first came to me. His previous owner didn't tell me that he urinated outside the litter box. I finally figured it out, he didn't like any of the litter sticking to his paws, made it very uncomfortable for him to lick clean his paws. I got rid of the litter box and put newspaper down in the area where the litter box used to be and he used that for years until he passed. I didn't like doing it, but as soon as he used it, I picked up the newspaper and replaced it. I should have actually put one newspaper on top of a wee wee pad or else should have tried using a wee wee pad alone. Nonetheless, it straightened him out and he didn't go around urinating all over the house.

Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)

May 12th 2011 2:38PM The mother is obviously mentally ill. The child should be taken away from the family if the father agrees with the mother. This is abuse!!!


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