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Is Bristol Palin a Bigger Star Than Her Mom Now?

Dec 9th 2010 10:03AM Please make these people GO AWAY! Palin did not even know who the founding fathers of the United States are? This is someone who should be President,,No way, Pesident of the Walrus killing club maybe!God I hate hunters and all Palins too!

Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Planning

Nov 16th 2010 3:18PM The Royal Family is on the down swing in this modern age! Once they all die off it will be gone! They serve no leadership purpose at all to run a country! Its all gleamor and gold for the Brits.Here we go again thanks to the US media, I can not wait to see it all on TV (I for one will be not watching) They should get a life and see the world as it is and not behind therr Royal masks!!!How much world good has been in the news about the Royal family and what they do for commen people ,very limited indeed! We are ALL commeners in thier eyes and do not forget it when you watch the Royals on the Telly....

NBA Awaits Satnam From India, So Big and Athletic at 14

Nov 13th 2010 4:25PM who cares, just another overpaid pro!

Michaele Salahi, Ex-NFL Cheerleader, Crashes White House Dinner

Dec 3rd 2009 4:16PM they both should be put in jail for a long time away form the glory of the press, they are wanna bees!

Report: Kalika Moquin Is Third Woman Linked to Tiger Woods

Dec 3rd 2009 4:15PM lets get on with the more important events in our country and the world, we give to much press to minor issues, another book deal in the works, and guess what? the pubilc will buy it, KMV

With Ellen replacing Paula, has Idol jumped the shark?

Sep 11th 2009 2:30PM Good night Gracie! Thats all Folks!


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