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Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 6:15PM i agree with the comments about the lack of discipline and must comment - her parents are also neglecting to teach the tot RESPECT. respect for possessions, other people and, ultimately, herself.

and as unfair as it may seem, one must abide by HOA and rental by-laws and standards. i live in one HOA community and do not care for some of the rules but chose to live here anyway.

Karen Perry Loses Three Kids, Ex-Husband and Now Home?

Feb 1st 2012 12:13PM kelly -

this is a sad story and you post this trash here? this is one of the most inappropriate places to post your auction spam!!!!!!

Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 1:29PM please stay on topic and quit promoting sites which have nothing to do with the article!

Five Lost Disney World Rides from River Country to Mars (VIDEO)

Apr 4th 2011 3:33PM at least the tea cups are still there! fun memories of youth ...

How to Wear High-Waisted Pants and Not Look Like a Mom-Jean Disaster

Mar 29th 2011 10:09PM CeCe -

i said i was bored with kim k - not annoyed. she is attractive and i am most certainly not jealous of her. i am merely tired of all of them being taken seriously while i find them a joke ... and not real - the k's live in an arrogant, egotistical fantasy world with no real regard for the less fortunate - those people losing their homes and jobs - while they shop for chanel outfits. have you ever seen or heard of them volunteer in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter?

How to Wear High-Waisted Pants and Not Look Like a Mom-Jean Disaster

Mar 29th 2011 3:10PM i am so bored with kim kardashian! please make her and her lame fashion (and all other) comments go away!

i am short and do wear high waisted pants but with knee and hip problems i prefer flats or low heels. the key is making a slim line on a petite frame.

Makeover Diaries: Aging Gracefully With a Little Help

Mar 15th 2011 3:46PM the Become products and teeth bonding are expensive. i can think of better ways to spend my money and still look and feel great.

Kardashians' Dash in New York's SoHo - Secret Shopper

Feb 6th 2011 12:25PM i wish people like the kardashians would just go away.

why do people idolize them when they do absolutely nothing good or humanitarian for society? they are only people with money - no class, no no heart, no good.

Best-Dressed Celebrities of 2010

Dec 19th 2010 10:23PM it is refreshing to see classic styles of elegance returning to gowns. i truly hope the "slut phase" of evening wear is gone.

elegance is in simplicity.

Alexandria Mills Is Miss World 2010 - The 18-Year-Old American Wins Title, Norway Claims Conspiracy

Nov 1st 2010 12:36PM i am amazed pagents still exist and wonder when they will be a thing of the past.


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