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Liz Elalm

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Unique Coffee Cups for Your Morning Pick Me Up

Jan 29th 2012 2:31AM Remember the mood rings a few years ago? I don't know how hey worked but they changed color when your mood changed. Also, I was on a trip to one of the Carribean Islands where there is a store that has products such as hair clips, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all that changed color when it's worn in the sunlight. They also had tee shirts and other items that changes color when in the sun. Maybe the heat has something to do with the change of color of your coffee mug.

Beautiful (and STABLE!) Black Hollywood Love

May 28th 2011 4:11PM By: E.D. on 5/28/2011 11:35AM
Plus does everyone forget Will Smith was married and had a son to his first wife?????
Reply: - It's unfortunate their first relationship didn't work out for them. However, the article is speaking of current relationaships. I believe they put a lot of effort into this marriage.

Beautiful (and STABLE!) Black Hollywood Love

May 28th 2011 4:04PM The article wasn't meant to slight you or any other ethnic relationships. But it is entitled
"Beautiful(and STABLE)Black Hollywood Love". But if you have a favorite couple, shout it out. I'm sure the monitors will not delete your selection.

Twins! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Welcome a Daughter and Son

May 1st 2011 10:16AM If she wanted to avoid having her babies on the day of Will's and Kate's wedding, she would have planed a C-Secton on Thursday. We've know for months that the wedding was for 4/29/11.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 6:40PM Her brother was there. He was speaking with Prince William at the beginning before the bride arrived. After all, the Spencer family is/are grand parents, uncles and aunts, and cousins to the two young princes. They should have been there and high on the guest list.

Teenager Fakes Pregnancy to Teach Lesson on Prejudice

Apr 22nd 2011 6:28PM In respone to David's comment at 1:27, Evelyn said.4-22-2011 @ 1:55PM
Evelyn said...
The comments on this message board tells me that most of you are clueless with regard to this whole thing. This was a good way to tell teenage girls not to get pregnant because it will cause them huge problems in many ways.

Why is it so difficult for you people to understand how to approach and deal with teenagers? But then, I am reminded that today's parents are absolutely clueless on raising kids from any age.

My response is: You won't know how difficult it was for your parents felt until you are one yourself. Just wait until your 17 year old woman reminds you that you (TOO) are clueless.

The Perfect Day of Eating

Apr 17th 2011 9:37AM I eat slices of lemon first thing in the mornng. That's before water or anything. Helps to boost your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

The Perfect Day of Eating

Apr 17th 2011 9:32AM The schedule isn't written in stone. You must adjust the schedule to your daiy routine. As a nurse, it's clear to see that you do get in your daily walking. Good for you. I'm at a computer all day and my routine rarely gets me away to get outside. Maybe you can take already prepared snacks, such as an apple already sliced and ready to pop into your mouth after a quick hands washing. You can take yogurt, and you can prepare your own toss salad. I can see you making this work.

Virgin Blue Admits Toddler Was Put in Overhead Bin

Mar 6th 2011 8:47PM Before the attorney accepted this case, I hope s/he sat and had a good laugh at the silliness of it before s/he started taking case notes.

I know I would still be laughing.

Virgin Blue Admits Toddler Was Put in Overhead Bin

Mar 6th 2011 4:38PM 3.06.2011 @ 12:21PM by Fathertime

When I read the above story I laugh so hard I wet my pants. I know I will sue the airlines for cleaning my pants LOL

###reply### Way to go. If traumatized Mama wins, you should get something too.


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