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Angola named Miss Universe 2011 - show recap (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Sep 13th 2011 1:18PM I didn't think these things still existed! Since curiosity killed the cat, and I very much want to stay alive, I clicked on the link to see who won...what a bunch of vapid looking women! I'm happy with my looks, but would I like to look like one them for even a day? Hell, yes!

TV Tells Kids Fame is the Most Important Thing in Life, Study Finds

Jul 16th 2011 12:33PM Why should television be teaching or not teaching kids ANYTHING? That's the job of the parents!

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Her Beach Ready Body in Three Bikinis [Photos, Poll]

Jul 11th 2011 4:49PM You're a crude, unintelligent, little gnome, aren't you?

John Barrett Braid Bar: Salon Stop

Jun 27th 2011 11:09AM If you're over 16, skip the braids (unless you're in your yoga class)!

Khloe on Kim's Ring: 'No One Knows If It's Really Real or Fake'

Jun 23rd 2011 4:57PM I don't care about the Kardashians, but who are you to tell anybody what to do with their money? And who are you to decide that someone is living in sin - whatever that means? Just much of your OWN money did you spend last year on a charitable cause?

Heidi Montag Claims She Works Out 14 Hours a Day

Jun 20th 2011 4:23PM I seriously do not know who she is.

Wedding's Off for Hugh Hefner: 'Crystal Has Had a Change of Heart'

Jun 14th 2011 4:44PM Absolutely right! Everyone has a 'dealbreaker,' and she found hers!

Cop Sues Jersey 'Housewives' Cast for Alleged Beating

Jun 14th 2011 11:58AM I agree...after watching the first two episodes, I stopped. I don't need someone else's relatives screaming in my home through my TV (my own relatives aren't that bad!). I didn't want Danielle and her entourage back, but Bravo traded one set of white trash for another!

Kim Cattrall Skeptical That 'Sex and the City 3' Will Ever Get Made

Jun 13th 2011 11:16AM Go pay money for a proper ad! You don't belong on this site! You've been reported!!!!

Bethenny Frankel: It's Hard to Find Baby Making Time

Jun 10th 2011 12:54PM And you read this because...?


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