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Kate Gosselin Hair: Does She Really Hate It?

Jan 14th 2010 11:36PM I bought the magazine just to see her horrible extensions. The picture on the cover was awful, her hair looked super thin, fried, and fake. The interior picture was better, but still, they looked bad. Pictures I've seen since look much fuller and less processed, so I don't know what the People photographer was thinking or doing. Would I sit for 20 hours to get extensions? I honestly could not sit still that long, I'd just opt for a wig I think! And are they are really good idea for someone with 8 kids? I wouldn't think so since the extensions will take a more maintenance on a daily basis. If I had 8 kids I'd probably stick with something short and easy. But hey, here choice, and I can see wanting a big change, especially from a hairdo that was so linked to her, after her divorce. I just wish they had been done better.

Oh, and whoever thinks she paid $7K for them has got to be joking. She didn't pay for them, I'm sure someone else did, as usual with her and her hair, and tummy tuck, etc.

As coffee shops cut the cord, are they cutting their own throats?

Aug 7th 2009 2:50PM What a load of crap. My, don't we think a lot of ourselves! I see someone sitting with their laptop for hours and think "don't you have a home, why are you taking up space, get your own internet connection!". We have lots of that here in the college town I live in. They actually had to label a few tables as non-studying tables so the rest of us could visit. You don't help, you actually make the rest of us want to stay away. All seeing someone on a laptop in a store tells me is "they have free wifi someone is mooching off of them", not that the coffee is good, etc. Sanctimonious bastard.

Is that really Gwyneth on the cover of W?

Aug 12th 2007 3:13PM I'm not a fan of Gwyneth, but the hair, brows, and tan are fine. Now the nose...that doesn't look like her nose, she has a pert little nose I thought. I think it's the camera angle/pose. I'm surprised she let them print it. Maybe it's artistic and I'm just too plebian to understand.


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