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Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 6:58PM So lisama. What kind of name is that anyhow?
Here's the thing. Being jealous is not attractive at all. She is smarter than you since obviously your writing skills have a lot to be desired. Are you making a billion dollars? Perhaps she isn't as shallow as you to think looks are the only thing that are important. Think of this, she can always lose weight, how do you lose your rude and cruel personality? Can't be done. Too bad, so sad.

Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 6:49PM She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful shape. I wish we heard her sing more and wish her well. I hope she doesn't turn all hollywood with the facelifts and getting too skinny. Don't singers and actors have anyone to tell them they are looking strange with the facelifts? Go natural, make a stand! Continue to be beautiful no matter what age!

My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Jun 15th 2011 9:43AM Good job, that's because you took a business approach and treated them in a mature way. Your parenting also set them up for the grown up business world as well. Not many parents are mature themselves.
My mom would do the same thing, both were involved, both got punished. That way you worked things out. We didn't have to apologized, but I do like that idea. It also teaches them to be aware of others rather than just themselves. We three girls are very thoughtful, sensitive, caring, women. With three long marriages of talks not fights. I am sure mom and dad had a lot to do with that. They were good examples. They walked the walk not just talked.
Looking at todays youth, I wonder what has happened.

My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Jun 15th 2011 9:32AM Don't be whimpy like ask - How do I get my kids to stop fighting. You are the leader of the house and family - act it. Say no when needed. My mother always said we are intelligent people not barbarians - act it. We didn't yell in the house and we didn't fight. If we didn't like something we said it, we didn't fight about it. We also didn't gossip. With 3 girls and a mother that's quite an achievement. I know many mothers and daughters that gossip gossip gossip.
You are also the best example. If you act a certain way - road rage, swear, fighting parents, and uncivilized then your children will too. After all, they watch more than they listen.
My mother always said, if I am to bring people into this world it is for them to contribute to society and be a better person than I am. Not many adults think that way, they are immature. She was tough but a very good example.

Paul Defeated His Cigarette and Food Addictions and Lost 80 Pounds

Jun 15th 2011 8:21AM You look great. Congrats on all of your hard work!
Continued success.

Tanee Fought Depression and Weight Gain and Lost 170 Pounds

Jun 12th 2011 8:33AM People! Please stop giving "Sam" the attention that they so desire. The article is about Tanee and her wonderful success! Sam being mean was to get the attention off Tanee and onto him/her? They look for these articles just to stir everyone up. Don't give in. They're an immature idiot that's obviously very lonely and mentally ill. You see these on every website, ignore them.
Way to go Tanee, yah!! woohoo!! Good job! That's a lot of weight and a lot of work!!! Good for you! You look great!

Tanee Fought Depression and Weight Gain and Lost 170 Pounds

Jun 12th 2011 8:25AM I don't understand. What is it that makes people so cruel these days? Bitterness, economy, parents didn't teach manners, easy to be mean on the phone or online? Attention? I can't figure it out. When you are nice, you feel nice. Perhaps they don't want to feel good.
Tannee, you have accomplished a great deal not just in losing weight. You have given your children a mother to have around longer, your husband has his best friend longer, you have given yourself pride and self-esteem, you are strong and can accomplish anything and now being a personal trainer you help others. You are paying it forward.
Congrats on your wonderful achievement. Don't gain it back! Continued success in your life.

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 8:02AM Sometimes an apology isn't enough.
Delta, this is not acceptable! It's interesting your employees get a better deal than our American Service personnel. It's disgusting.
There shouldn't even be a policy in place. Service people do not pay - period. They shouldn't have to pay for tickets let alone bags. I'd lose my job because if I was checking any service people they would not be paying for anything. It would be, "it's taken care of, thank you for serving this country and allowing me to be free to write blogs like this."
I am so upset beyond words. These service people just keep getting the shaft. There should be NO problems or worries for these people. NONE.
How is it we have lost all empathy? Can we not put ourselves in someone elses shoes and be thankful and appreciative?
Why have we become such, mean, greedy, selfish people? We wonder why just about every country dislikes or hates us.
By the way... fire the employees that charged them. They shouldn't need a policy. DO THE RIGHT THING! And it's not an apology.

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

Jun 6th 2011 4:26PM What the heck is going on?
Kids are in teachers faces
Teachers are hitting kids
Students stand up mouthing off
Police are in the schools
And a writer of this article speaking like she belongs in bootcamp. Busts his lip? Is that the language they are teaching now? You probably use bucks instead of dollars and are instead of our.

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

Jun 6th 2011 4:09PM They won't give her her job back. They'll give in and send the usual message to the kids that they are in charge.
Look around, parents are letting their kids do what they want. They are no longer responsible leaders of their family, they want to be friends with their kids. They whimp out and no longer use the word no.
Police are overwhelmed, teachers hands are tied, and it is a much more violent time.
My parents always said be more afraid of us than any teacher or policeman, they meant it too. ...And I was!
Because of that I respect them and am thankful for the examples they set and have plenty of friends elsewhere.


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