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Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 6:58PM So lisama. What kind of name is that anyhow?
Here's the thing. Being jealous is not attractive at all. She is smarter than you since obviously your writing skills have a lot to be desired. Are you making a billion dollars? Perhaps she isn't as shallow as you to think looks are the only thing that are important. Think of this, she can always lose weight, how do you lose your rude and cruel personality? Can't be done. Too bad, so sad.

Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 6:49PM She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful shape. I wish we heard her sing more and wish her well. I hope she doesn't turn all hollywood with the facelifts and getting too skinny. Don't singers and actors have anyone to tell them they are looking strange with the facelifts? Go natural, make a stand! Continue to be beautiful no matter what age!

Double the Fun: Color Blocking Trend for Nails

Jun 5th 2011 8:51AM This is not new, we used to wear it like this 20-30 years ago!

Angelina Jolie's Style Evolution

Jun 4th 2011 9:28AM She has a great plastic surgeon! She looks more beautiful with age. Just too bad she's all marked up with tatoos.

Jessica Simpson's Family Photo Shoot Fashion (Photos, Poll)

May 10th 2011 11:09AM I love it. All these comments coming from all those that dress so perfect.
You never go out of the house in sweats, slippers (yes, seen that!), no make up, or hair done. Right? Probably the writer sits home in her p.j.'s writing.
Ahhh must be good to be so perfect and critical.
She's a cute girl.
Good luck Jessica, all mean eyes are on you.

Victoria Beckham's Royal Wedding Look (Photo, Video)

Apr 29th 2011 10:08AM There is a picture of Victoria on a Jay Leno show when she had blonde short hair, she was laughing. She looked really cute. She didn't have "wonkie" teethe. I can believe about not wanting wrinkles, but happy lines are good. Ever look at an old happy person? They have happy wrinkles. Just as a sourpuss has frown lines. Either way she can botox them out, so smile!
The heels she probably wears because look at the height difference in the photo, she would be really short next to him. Plus she probably thinks it makes her look tall and lean.
Oh vanity, where would we be without it?

Starburst Prom Dress made from Wrappers (Video)

Apr 20th 2011 11:09PM Didn't you hear her? It just happened to have the theme candy. Sheesh, really now.

Starburst Prom Dress made from Wrappers (Video)

Apr 20th 2011 11:03PM You are right! They should offer a scholarship. But heck if they wouldn't send her just labels as she requested why would they do a scholarship? To make her buy all that candy, you think they would be glad to send her labels since her daughter is advertising their candy! And to Kim that said this was a hoax by the candy company, don't be so suspicious, some people do do things for themselves.

Mirror Ads Introduced Inside Airport Bathrooms

Mar 8th 2011 7:52AM Here's what's going to happen. People are going to do their business and run out. No washing the hands, like they do now - eh-hem... Like TV, I do not watch commercials. I will not. Unless it's superbowl. So airports and any other place that plan on doing this, ya better get the bottles of sanitizer out near the doors because people will not be staying at the mirrors. Having good feedback, who you talking to?


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