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Lynne J

Lynne J

Member Since Aug 12th, 2009

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The CARD Act One Year Later: Is It Any Better for Consumers?

Feb 24th 2011 4:42PM Are you kidding? My 86 year old Mom who has Excellent credit got her rate jammed up to 25% before the act took place. How is THAT helpful? Now I have to try to fix that.

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner: Who Won the Season 11 Finale?

Nov 24th 2010 9:20AM OK, so a professional dancer won. Not the original premise of the show. Done!

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

Nov 16th 2010 4:47PM Call me odd but I would not want that ring after what happened to that marriage and then Diana. New jewel with no sad history please.

Meghan McCain Slams Bristol Palin for Not Voting

Nov 5th 2010 10:03AM Why is anyone listening to this person? What has she ever done on her own? Bristol is being very brave, considering the trashing her family gets at the hands of the media. She should have voted but at least she was HONEST about it.

Explosion of more advertisers ditching Glenn Beck

Aug 12th 2009 4:56PM That is great! It is good to have a start list of who we can boycott. I am thankful to know who takes a stand against conservatives and the right to free speech in this country as guaranteed by the constitution. Oh, and most recently, Glenn has asked us to pray to God for this country. Maybe that offends them as well. The liberals cried out when we stopped buying CDs by the Dixie Chicks after they trashed President Bush on foreign soil. And please, I am not a Republican. I am an Independent who sees that government is not longer listening to me or respresenting us, even though it is their job title, representative. We are all supposed to have a right to our beliefs in this country. Thank you to the companies that I can now cross off my list!


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