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Pump Wear's Julie DeFruscio: Helping Kids Battle Diabetes in Style

Jul 12th 2011 9:51PM Is that the reason you don't have children or is there really something else?

Zappos' New Ad Campaign: Naked Ambition

Jul 11th 2011 7:57PM Is something like this really necessary? There is enough pornography out there we don't need it in Zappos. Zappos is here in Las Vegas and should be boycoted. I will never shop at Zappos. Yes, and that is my preogative, no I am not a prude either. The line needs to be drawn somewhere, sometime. You women who exploit yourself, is the all mighty dollar worth it? If you say yes, then you have not respect for your body, and no shame.

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Are Officially Over

Jun 29th 2011 12:56PM And you know her daughter to call her a brat? How cold can one person be? Her fiance died and right she has not gotten over that. If you were engaged and your fiance died would you get over it. You are just cruel and uncaring.

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 20th 2011 2:07PM Is this every girls excuse for losing her virginty, "I was drunk"

Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars Hit Grim Record

Jun 9th 2011 6:20PM I agree, how cn you forget a child in the back seat. I have two young nieces and they are buckled up in the back seat, I have yet to forget them

Kirstie Alley Locks Lips With 'Dancing' Castmate, 21 (Photo)

May 20th 2011 7:24PM What is wrong with you? Are you just another bully?

Confessions of a Mother: Guilty Things Moms Secretly Do

May 6th 2011 2:32PM My Kids Go to Sleep After Midnight
"I have three kids under the age of three, and we all go to bed after midnight and wake up at 11 AM the next day."

What happens when they are old enough for school? They are 3 now, you should be putting them to bed right around 8pm. I know they are not my children and you are going to raise them the way you want. When they are school age, they will fall asleep in school and guess what when the authorities find out the children are not getting the rest they need, you will be charged with child abuse. Where's the dad? Does he agree with this?

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 7:39PM I agree. The media continually refers to them as Prince William and Kate. They are married why Kate and not Princess or Duke and Dutchess? How ignorant can the news media be????

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 7:36PM Did you not read the beginning see below. Just for you I copied and pasted. I did not get the impression that they slept in the helicopter. Why don't you read evrything first.

Newlyweds Prince William and Duchess Catherine were seen leaving Buckingham Palace earlier today. They walked hand-in-hand from the Queen's home, where they had stayed following last night's reception, The Telegraph reports.

Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Kids to Breast-Feed

Mar 30th 2011 4:13PM What's next? Showing 7 year olds how to have sex? Push up bikini tops, now breast feeding dolls, why not show children how to have sex. These manufacturers are out to make a buck and they don't care about anyone else. What is happening to this nation? There's no morals or scruples anymore.


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