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Christie Brinkley: IRS Puts Lien on Model's Bridgehampton Estate

Dec 3rd 2011 5:03PM Good, strong and powerful point! Thank you for making it. They are not going broke they are broke and in debt. I think that we the people need to foreclose on them, claim all their property, and all the stuff they do like freezing their accounts, locking their doors. That would be a lot of real estate in major cities. We need to take it now and sell them off. Way to go Brenda.

House of the Day: Breezy and Breathtaking in Malibu

Sep 6th 2011 7:01PM I agree. Very cold, no feel of the beach but for the view. All that money for the building and near zip for the landscaping. In that climate the options are nearly limitless. The use of water is meager too. A pool, with a few flows into it. The hillside would be ideal for a naturalized water fall. Owners, call me and we will get this straight.

Made in the USA: When the Beach Beckons

Jul 5th 2011 4:50PM We all know who you mean. Every one is wearing the tee shirts here. Yes the kids young and old love them. How can you beat it, Made In America and fine cotton. That kid has a great idea with his clothes, Cotton Candy Clothing. I found a dozen on line and bought all of them, now my girl friends are all wearing them. Surf's Up!

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 7:39PM I have been trying to figure out the social dynamic and the psychology behind the " monarchy," and the British love for it all.
Yes it is "tradition," however I think it goes deeper than that.
Long ago, I lived in some of the last of the British colonies, like India for example. India was perfect for the British class system with their already inbedded "caste" structure.
Today there is still a level or class system even within the working classes of England.
An example would be a "Gardener." The very best in England, like the master gardeners at Kew Gardens, are highly respected and very well paid. Those who wish to be a gardener and study or apprentice under one will call him; "master."
Could it be possible and run so deep that they choose to be happy being lower in social status? This could be so deep that it is an unconscious behavior pattern.
I really do not know but as I stated I have been giving it a little thought.

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 6:55PM Sorry you missed it all sweets, we all had just a wonderful time. I shall see that you receive an invite when Harry decides to marry. Be sure and remind me please; you will so much love it.

Frank Lloyd Wright House Available at Bargain $1.38M

Mar 7th 2011 5:36PM I agree. I lived two houses down from his "Sombrero" house. It was up for sale for under 100,000, yes a long time ago. The house is round; decorate that?

Johnny Preston, 'Running Bear' Singer, Dead at 71

Mar 7th 2011 5:20PM That was a great song, still is, as were his others. Another Texas Talent.

" passed away from persistent problems related to a heart bypass surgery he had last year."

I am hearing this more and more from people our age. It has become an assembly-line operation, with more serious negative effects than are being reported.

The 10 Best Bathhouses in the World

Feb 27th 2011 12:19PM The best that I found were the ones in Istanbul.

That could be that after a week or more of travel I was feeling very grubby.

Winged Migration

Feb 27th 2011 12:04PM Pretty funny. If the geese in my lawn was my greatest worry.......

Many of my neighbors, who spend a small fortune to have lush lawns, are out with shortguns.

A few blasts and the geese are gone for a few hours.....

Justin Tennison of 'Deadliest Catch' Dead at 33

Feb 23rd 2011 6:47PM We all feel sad about this.

Why did you find it necessary to mention a little pot and some alcohol?


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