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Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

Member Since Jul 24th, 2009

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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 1:37PM dksNhb wrote "her shoes are ok I guess" sure they're ok if you think F*** me pumps are ok for the occassion

Britney Spears Versus Britney Spears in Dance Off

Apr 11th 2011 10:55PM Did anyone even consider that she may be toning it down because she's not 20 anymore????

Unemployment benefits delayed for millions

Jul 24th 2009 6:58PM They say the states are running out of money, and must borrow from the federal gov. I say that if the feds can give billions to big corporations then they can give THE PEOPLE BILLIONS TOO. Obama what are you doing for the unemployed?????


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