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Delaware's Only Frank Lloyd Wright House Listed for $1.35 Million

May 19th 2013 10:55PM Thank you!!! I agree 100%. I too love his work.

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 5th 2013 5:23PM I call Sierra Bravo on this action by the HOA. WHAT???? They can just decide to make new rules without the permission of the homeowners? OOh I smell lawsuit on this one.

Photographer Thomas Jorion's 'Forgotten Palaces' Capture Ghosts of Once-Beautiful Structures

Mar 10th 2013 3:11PM niutekatz69. You are right, I have been to opacity. There are tons of web sites like that. By the way, if you haven't already visited it; there's a web site regarding Bannerman Island on the Hudson. Bannerman's Castle is an old armory that looks exactly like a fanciful Castle. I think you will find the photography wonderful, and the history of the place is interesting as well. Have fun.

Photographer Thomas Jorion's 'Forgotten Palaces' Capture Ghosts of Once-Beautiful Structures

Mar 10th 2013 2:56PM Check into the Kirkbride style Asylums. There are many abandoned ones with a rich history, some not so savory. The Kirkbride was a style designed by a man of the same name. You will find the photos and history of these old asylums fascinating. Some of the most famous are The Danvers State Hospital,Trans-Allegheny, and Renwick Smallpox Hospital. But there are many websites and historys and the photos are awesome.

Obama's Former Landlady, Johnsie Walsh, Says President Had 'Simple Needs'

Jan 18th 2013 12:31PM LOL, Maggie you took the words right out of my mouth

New Hampshire Child Falls Down Laundry Chute, Gets Trapped in Wall

Nov 25th 2012 11:39AM They can will learn to open ANYTHING! They are lucky this child did not end up hung by the neck in those wires.

Homeowners Joel and Melissa Dodge of Washington Feel Stranded by New Off-Ramp Next Door

Sep 30th 2012 2:40PM I want to see a savvgy lawyer, help them sue the state. It's just plain wrong on so many levels, for them to have degraded this family's quality of life so badly.

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets

Sep 30th 2012 2:36PM Thank God the state stood up for the defenseless. It's great to see common sense reign for a change. I say we devoice the landlords and see how they like it.

Paying Down Your Mortgage: How to Do it the Right Way

Aug 16th 2012 8:52PM I don't like the bi-weekly payment plan. I feel the mortage company is benefiting from that. I like to pay extra on the principal every month.

Alan Ket, Graffiti Artist, Says His 'Murderers' Mural Was Censored by NYPD

Jul 27th 2012 8:56PM Just as long as he doesn't paint a Jesus or flag in a toilet' I'm happy.
However, slanderous "art" should not be allowed. Calling these organizations murderers is slander. Slander is based on a lie and those he cites murdered no one. I would venture to say though, that plenty of his home boys have probably murdered.


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