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Thelma Taormina, Houston Homeowner, Pulls Gun on a Utility Worker Installing Smart Meters

Jul 24th 2012 6:21PM Yes this story can go both ways. First, it was private property BUT this person was a worker from HER utility company. I would not be giving this lady cheers for her action. Calling the police should have been the first thing she shoud have done. The worker was someone's dad, son, brother, etc. I would have been pissed if she had of pulled a gun on my husband....then she would have to deal with me. On another note, the utility company could easily just refuse to supply this resident with electrical service. Although it seems as if our privacy is being invaded, it is easier for the company to compute your bill by using the meters. Colorado seems to be a place that if visiting you better take your gun with you. Seems as if the "smart meter" was the only thing smart about this story.

Biggest CEO Bonuses for 2010

Dec 27th 2010 6:09PM Dennis.. Many times we have such a good message to give but others can not recieve the message when name calling is involved. Next time, try not to result to name calling when you give good input. Have a happy new year.

Biggest CEO Bonuses for 2010

Dec 27th 2010 3:58PM I am not mad at any of these CEOs. I only wish that many of us were able to make the same thing and then see what we would do with the cash. Sometimes it is easy to tell others what to do with their money but it is all together a different story when we get the chance to really help someone. Then again, do the same people need help all the time. Let's finds ways to help people help themself. I barely do okay on my salary but I still try to help people. If you can not help others when you are down you will never be able to help others when you are up.


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