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Friend: Sarah Palin Is Ignoring Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Jun 9th 2011 8:03AM These two LOSERS deserve each other. We should place Elizabeth, Sarah, and Michelle Bachman in a small boat, and ship them off to an uncharted island in the bottom of the world; and see exactly wht they are made of. Guarantee: they would ALL die within 24 hours. BAD, NEGATIVE KARMA will get them all.

How Old Is Too Old to Wear a Miniskirt?

May 13th 2011 10:20PM If a woman has the psysique, and desire, to wear she should. Age should never be a consideration. FACT: each human being's physical body IS different from ANY other persons' body. Different chemistry, genes, et al. Thus, why I say that age shouldn't ever be a talking point here. Some women have healthier bodies in their younger years. Other womens' bodies develop more/better later in life.

Who's Who in the Royal Wedding Party

Apr 29th 2011 8:03AM Agreed! Take a number! Hehehehe.

Christina Haag, JFK Jr.'s Former Love, Talks Gaining Jackie O's Trust

Apr 17th 2011 1:32PM I think it's interesting to get a different viewpoint on John, Jr. I always respected him for his being so evolved, and ahead of things. He gave back to society in positive ways. We are all human, none of us are perfect. God bless him and the others in the plane accident.

Candie's Double Standard? The Sexy Approach to Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Apr 8th 2011 10:26AM With the glorification of teen pregnancy on MTV, et al; these girls seem to believe that being a mother at 15 years old is cool. The ONLY consolation in this is that these reality shows expose these dumb girls to the fact that getting pregnant as a teen IS stupid! However, not enough American girls are wise enough to get that message. Who's to blame? Education? Parents? Lack of parents? Media? I think ALL the above. And, just because girls and boys can get protection from various resources does not mean they use it. I am glad that some teens DO use it. We all create our own drama. Learn and evolve, people.

NBC Releases Un-aired Betty White 'SNL' Skits

May 10th 2010 7:24PM Betty was FA-U-LOUS!! I loved EVERY sketch sh was in. Just hilarious. We love you, Betty. Keep up the great work you do. God Bless!

Bret Michaels Makes Emergency Room Plea

May 6th 2010 9:54AM Being a Type 1 Diabetic myself, since 1977, I can relate to Bret. Being diabetic - especially Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes - IS a 24/7 "mission". Constantly balancing my blood sugars with proper meals and TRYING to exercise can be stressful. Fortunately, I am under good control. YET, it takes a lot. I wish a damn CURE would be found already!

Stars Without Makeup: Is Jessica Simpson's Bare Face For Real?

Apr 10th 2010 12:04AM How PATHETIC we Americans are; when an article about whether or not a celebrity wears makeup is even FAIRLY important. Yet ANOTHER reason I want to legally move abroad. If I only had the MONEY to do so! Screw Jessica Simpson, and her uneducated "staff". Makeup or not, Jessica Simpson is a LOSER! YUCK!

Corey Haim: A Textbook Young Hollywood Downfall

Mar 10th 2010 7:31PM Soooo sorry to read of Corey's death; ESPECIALLY that it was due to a drug overdose. Apparently Haim had personal demons. Too bad he couldn't get help for whatever he was going through. Personally, I think he was gay. If THIS what he had problems with; then I blame Hollywood for the homophobic crap they put gay entertainers through! If it was something else, I wish his soul well. EITHER way, we love ya, Corey. I wish your spirit well. We will always miss ya. God Bless you, sir.

Man Endures 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days

Mar 2nd 2010 8:32PM This guy HAD to grow a goatee to hide his horrendous-looking CHIN! Well, he DOES have a lot of time on his hands, living in Oklahoma and all. "HOW-DEE, Y'ALL!" Please. :(


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