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Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 2:42PM I for one, would rather they are happy no matter where they go. I think the wedding was perfectly beautiful!. I also agree we should leave them alone to enjoy their private lives and honeymoon.

Puppy's Best Friend

Jul 4th 2010 10:26AM God bless you for what you did; saving that poor puppy. I gives me pleasure to see there are many people in this world that love animals as much as I do. I was thankful to God that you were able to put your life on the line to save this adorable puppy. May God give you many blessings and love and happiness!

Teen's charity name draws the McIre of McDonald's

Jan 25th 2010 11:08AM I agree with Richie Rrich I'm disappointed with McDonald's that they make a big deal of the young girl's SURNAME. I feel she has a right to use her last name as part of the charity name. McDonald's should know better than that to make her waste the money she wanted to use for charity on legal matters regarding the food chain company!! BOO ON YOU McDonald's!!!

Dog Snatched by Owl Survives Harrowing Flight

Jan 3rd 2010 5:07PM I agree also; I'm not so sure I could sleep without wondering what happened to my pet. I'd be lucky if they didn't take me to the nearest hospital to sedate me. I just couln't handle losing my pet.

In Defense of Rachael Ray

Jan 2nd 2010 4:17PM I happen to like Rachel Ray alot. Frankly, it's about time we get to see a person who's a good soul who appeals to many down to earth people. She neven puts people down and she acts like herself and not like someone else. She's real. Her food appeals to many people financially strapped as well. She's great!

'Nubs the Dog: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle'

Nov 4th 2009 10:38AM I'm glad that Nubs found a loving home after all he's been through; this is what I call a very happy ending!

The Closer Kitty Passes Away on Show and Real Life

Jun 27th 2009 4:25PM I was heartbroken to know that the cat died in real life. I too cried when Brenda had to put her to sleep. I know she did the right thing, and in real life they did what had to be done. I lost my first cat some years ago and was devastated! What made it worse the hospital would not let me stay with her when they put her to sleep. Therefore she died with strangers instead of me holding her and singing a little lullabye for her to ease the transition to the afterlife.


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